This Week’s Gift Ideas- Bathing and Butts!

And we’re back with more wacky, wicked, or just plain weird holiday gift ideas!

First up, Agata Pokutycka at Bark Time found this interesting toy.

Dirty Dogs
This toy allows your young child to bathe the dirty dogs over and over again.

Here’s the pitch: Delight your child with these fun Dirty Dogs bath toys. The soft and squishy dogs need a bath. They have magic ink dirt that disappears in warm bath water so they get clean with your child. The dogs are also water squirters, so be warned!

Well this is one dog that does NOT want the next generation of children wanting to bathe us dogs all the time!

For those of you with a lover of cats in your life, I offer this salt and pepper shaker set.

salt pepper shaker
The Cats Ass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set…. Really?

I suppose these are for decorative purposes only. I don’t know that I could actually use them.

And here’s a magnet set that only a cat lover could appreciate.

The Cat Butts magnet set- for true cat lovers!
The Cat Butts magnet set- for true cat lovers!

You get a bonus hairball magnet with the set. But if it’s all about cat butts, shouldn’t it be a bonus turd instead?

Have YOU found any fun gift ideas to share? Send your photos to rumpysanta at gmail dot com, and I’ll post your finds too!

22 thoughts on “This Week’s Gift Ideas- Bathing and Butts!

  1. Those ‘The Cats Ass salt and pepper shaker set’ is interesting! Just curious about why cat butts are featured stuffs like the set and magnets?

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