Two Animal Groups in the News

One of the best parts of the holiday season is that people open their hearts and their wallets to those who are less fortunate. Here are two groups who were in the news this weekend. One group could benefit from your generosity, while the other stands as a warning to those who would support those who rescue animals.

It takes more than just a big heart to be an effective rescuer

It is with a sad heart that I tell you about a fire that destroyed the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter of Rockholds, Kentucky, last Friday night. Thirty-four of the 37 cats held there died in the fire. One dog and one guinea pig is known to have died, and one dog is still unaccounted for. The other 23 dogs survived, thanks to quick-thinking volunteers. 

The dog who perished was Sassy, the house dog. Sassy greeted visitors and represented the shelter at all public functions.

Obviously, the staff and volunteers of the non-profit shelter are devastated.

The silver lining to this dark cloud is that members of the community have stepped up to show their support. Every surviving animal is being fostered. And the community is already searching for a temporary building to use while they rebuild. Donations can be made to Knox-Whitley via Paypal. More info can be found on their Facebook page.

rest in peace, Sassy
rest in peace, Sassy


Also in the news is Sleepy Hollow Dog Rescue in Pasco County, Florida. Deputies were called to a home near Hudson yesterday after a neighbor complained of shouting and barking. Deputies found approximately 50 dogs, as well as horses, sugar gliders, and other animals on the 5-acre property. The case was turned over to code enforcement, who has requested a warrant to inspect the home as a possible hoarding situation.

While we don’t know yet if Sleepy Hollow is indeed another example of a rescue getting over its’ head, this is a good time to remind you that just because a group calls itself a rescue, it doesn’t mean they are acting in the best interest of animals. Be mindful of who you choose to support. 


30 thoughts on “Two Animal Groups in the News

  1. Fires at shelters terrify us – how incredibly sad. Great to hear the community is fosting all the survivors and here’s to them rebuilding as soon as possible. We have heard about lots of ‘rescues’ getting over their heads – it is vitally important you research groups before supporting them. Some even turn out to be scammers.

  2. That is very sad to hear about a fire at a place that was created to save animals, not to be the location of their demise.

    I heard the second story on the news. I live less than 30 miles from Hudson but when I heard the story I did not realize it was a rescue group.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Sassy, the other dogs, guinea pig and those cats who died from the fire……please rest in peace Sassy….

  4. So very sad for Sassy, the other animals, and the humans! It breaks my heart to read stories like this one!

    And so sad, as well, for all those animals in Hudson! If indeed it was a rescue in over its head, then I feel for the human(s) as well. I know all too well the heartbreak of being in over one’s head — though in a different way — so I can empathize. And even if it’s a hoarding situation we need to feel some compassion. Hoarding can be a “disease”, just like alcoholism, drug addiction, overeating, or any other disorder. However, if it turns out to be a scammer, then I would have a really difficult time finding any compassion for the creep.

  5. That’s so sad, I’m so sorry for Sassy, the piggy and the kitties of Knox-Whitley Shelter. I’m glad the community had a heart. I hope the situation at the dog rescue in FL can be managed. I once helped to evacuate animals of a hoarder, it was horrible….

  6. Oh noes! So sad, so sad for the shelter in Kentucky. And I am sure that Sassy received special attention when she arrived at The Bridge. We have already committed another organization for our green paper donation we make every Catmouse. We donate rather than get caught up in all that gifting stuff…and we ask family and friends to not send gifts and they have been so understanding and now some of them make donations too. Giving, pawing forward…that is the holiday spirit

  7. It is heart wrenching to hear about the pets that died. I hope they didn’t suffer. The who are willing to foster are showing compassion and demonstrates the good in people. Hopefully some of those fostering will end up adopting a dog or cat.

  8. It seems that what makes a really successful rescue organization is all that boring stuff, like good money management, protocols for animal care, volunteer training etc.

    Anyone can have a good heart.

    I hope the Sleepy Hollow animals end up in a good place.

  9. So tragic and heart breaking…poor animals poor staff of the biggest dreads for me…especially in a bushfire zone…also vet clinics etc…I can only say sleep in peace sweet ones. 😦 😦

  10. i personally know the lady who owns sleepy hollow..she is a hoarder..animals were malnourished and unkept..covered in urine and feces..kept in cages also dirty..she herself is dirty and smells..animals control has now seized all the animals and they have been turned over to the ASPCA..

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