Swedish Fashion: Saying No to Angora Hair!

And we’re back with another edition of Hisses and Purrs! This week, Hissy Fit Jones didn’t have to go far to find lots of reasons to be upset. Hissy, take it away! 

Some humans need an attitude adjustment, and I’m just the kitty to give it!

Hisses to the country of Romania. Since an August mauling death of a 4-year-old by a street dog, the media has whipped up a frenzy against animals, and the cruel attacks on animals has skyrocketed. The lack of will on the part of the government to address the problem combined with a lack of fear of law enforcement retribution also plays into this horror.


Hisses to the 40-year-old Osaka, Japan, man, who was found to have over 80 reptiles in his one room flat. The man said he kept them as pets. Some were seized because the man didn’t have the appropriate permits for them. People, if you insist on keeping an animal as a pet, at the very least you should give the animal some space. How much room do you think each of those 80 reptiles get in a 107 square foot room?


Who’s the latest rich, spoiled brat to find himself publicly shamed for posing for photos with his big game kills? Why, Kiwi millionaire Mark Gunton. It seems there are photos of him posing with at least 3 dead elephants he claims to have killed, and a Nile Croc. These are the hunters that make my blood boil. Your ilk kills these majestic creatures for no reason other than to brag that you’ve done so. Shameful! Hisses upon hisses to you…. and a piss on your shoes as well. And purrs to those who are calling you out for your actions.


Oh, hisses to Judy and Ken Gingrich of New Holland, Pennsylvania. This year, like every other year, the couple open their big game trophy room to the public during the holiday season. Because, after all, nothing conveys the warmth of the season like the senseless killing of animals, and what’s the point of killing them if you can’t brag about it too?


Oh oh! I better stay away from him for awhile! June Buggie, is there any good news out there?

7-31-11 003
All will be well, and all will be well……

Purrs to Swedish fashion companies Lindex, Gina Tricot, MQ and H&M, for agreeing to no longer manufacture Angora hair clothing after a video was released showing how the hair was obtained. The live rabbits are tied down and scream while clumps of hair are pulled from their bodies. And purrs to each of you that choose to not wear Angora because you won’t support animal cruelty either.


Purrs to the UK for ending the senseless badger cull in Gloucester, though the reason is sickening. Seems they couldn’t find enough badgers to kill. You mean you garnered all that negative publicity and ill will, and now you can’t even say that your murderous rampage was ineffective? Perhaps now they’ll look for an effective and humane way to reduce the transmission of tuberculosis to cattle.


Purrs to the World Trade Organization for upholding the European Union’s ban on Canadian seal products for moral reasons. While there is another level of appeal, I think the writing is on the wall for the Canadian commercial seal industry. Maybe now they’ll see that at least some governments take the horrific killing of baby seals seriously.


And purrs to the couple who run the Sleepy Hollow Dog Rescue in Florida we told you about yesterday. Seems that while initially they refused to allow inspectors to enter, the property owners have since had a change of heart and are allowing them in. A total of 70 animals were found on the property. All but 5 personal pets will be surrendered to authorities. None of the animals appeared malnourished. 


Thanks Buggie. I do feel better now.

Do YOU have any hisses or purrs to share this week?

17 thoughts on “Swedish Fashion: Saying No to Angora Hair!

  1. Oh no…what a shameful news about the Japanese man who kept over 80 reptiles in such a small space…..we didn’t hear the news on TV…I think that these kind of news should be announced on TV or on newspapers, so more people could know what’s been happning here and we might prevent these sad things much earlier….

    1. Well to be honest, at first they weren’t going to ban Angora hair, but when all the competition does and the negative publicity piles up, it sure helps to change minds.

  2. Maybe this mark-gunton guy has millions of bucks, but no balls and NO brain. I wouldn’t visit the trophy room of the couple in PA…. welcome in my crypt… ugh, no thanks. I’m glad you always finds good things too, that gives a little hope.

  3. I will not miss angora. It always made me itch and when I had cats, it made them crazy. That was many years ago, before I knew from what it was made. And now, I wouldn’t buy it anyhow … It really makes me ITCH.

  4. Love these. We are all so pleased about the badger cull stopping, though you are right, the reasons are terrible.

    Hisses here for Colchester Zoo, who had their wolf pack escape through a steel fence and then only sealed off part of the zoo, allowing visitors in the rest when they had no idea where the wolves were. Visitors were told it was a medical emergency that stopped them going to that part of the zoo. And then, to top it all, lethal force was used on some of the animals.

    “Zoo staff found the perimeter fence damaged and five of the six wolves were missing. One returned, another was shot with a tranquiliser dart and two more were shot dead but the fifth animal escaped from the zoo grounds.
    It was later spotted from a police helicopter in hedgerow just outside the perimeter fence. An area was cordoned off and the wolf was shot dead by a member of zoo staff on Tuesday afternoon.”

    Very sad story.

    ~ Amy

  5. I just feel sick to know that people can be so inhumane. Hunting for “sport?” Abusing animals? Keeping “pets” when you obviously don’t have the room or resources to take care of them? The thought makes me weep.

  6. Great news about the angora wool here in the Netherland’s too, Hissy. The Animal Parties have hand over a motion for No more import of Angora into our land. The Dutch people were all shocked after seeing the video in the news, so finally they do something about it. In our Country WE stopped the production and took all the products out of their shops. H&M, C&A and ZARA have stopped for now. Pawkiss 🙂

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