Tacky Sweaters, Animal Exploitation, and Holiday Humor!

The Ugly Holiday Sweater.

What tacky gift-giving guide would be complete without them?

And thanks to eagle-eye reader Kolytyi, we have some tacky animal-themed holiday sweaters to share! Both of these were found at Amazon.com. I’ve linked the photos to the Amazon page. Last I saw, they’re out of stock…. thank Dog!

This is the "seal party" sweater
This is the “seal party” sweater
And this is the "reindeer hangover" sweater
And this is the “reindeer hangover” sweater

Thanks Kolytyi!

I also found this:

Really? You had to go there for Christmas?
Really? You had to go there for Christmas?

and this….

Uh..... I sure hope this is for children!
Uh….. I sure hope this is for children!

Have YOU found any tacky animal themed gift ideas this year? We’ve got two shopping weekends left before Christmas, so send those gift ideas to me at rumpysanta at gmail dot com, and I’ll share them with everyone! woo woo woo!

Happy shopping!

24 thoughts on “Tacky Sweaters, Animal Exploitation, and Holiday Humor!

  1. I don’t think number 3 counts. It’s not really about animals per se. Rather it’s intended to insult humans by using the word animal as a pejorative. You’re gonna hate me, but I kind of like it. It’s got that merry Christmas to all… and to all – shut the *$$* up feel. My inner Scrooge can appreciate it.

      1. I agree that the term “animal” when applied to people is disrespectful of animals. But when you say to someone, “this house is a pig sty,” or “a chimp could do your job,” although you are indeed disrespecting those animals, the point is to insult humans.

        Conversely, we use animal abilities to laud people as well. “He’s a tiger in the workplace,” or “she shows good horse sense.” Dogs get the worst deal of all. “A dog in the manger attitude.” “I wouldn’t wish it on a dog.” “I’m sick as a dog.” English is very anachronistic. That’s why I like it so much. πŸ™‚

  2. Those first two sweaters are so weird…..hangover reindeer?! OMD….I feel sorry for the reindeer….
    and the third sweater is….*sigh* …..But…..in fact, I thought that the last picture looks pretty…*hemhem*
    Well…..of course, it’s good for children though….

  3. Hmmmm those are definitely interesting gifts……..I must say I would SO not buy those sweaters even for my worst enemy! Lol I’ll have to see if I can fine some weird gift ideas for ya and send them your way lol

  4. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but the third one was actually a movie quote, it was used in ‘Home Alone’ at least three times! While I don’t quite agree with the message, I can appreciate the movie reference, and that is what made me chuckle.

  5. Rumpy, you have a great sense of humor (dogs usually do). I was wondering, have you thought about creating a line of sweaters for dogs that feature humans in an unflattering light? Kind of like a reverse of those dog shaming photos? I know you’re probably really busy this time of year, but that could be a cash cow–if you know how to knit or sew.

  6. I hate to be the scrooge in the bunch but here we go….I have always, all my life, even as a child hated holiday clothing. Not just Christmas clothing, sweaters most especially but all holidays.

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