American Humane Association: You Need a Name Change

Time for another edition of Hisses and Purrs. Each week you give us 3 minutes, and we give you the latest news impacting animals around the world. 

As always, first up is Hissy Fit Jones, and trust me when I say that his anger is not an act!

Fear the Hiss!
Fear the Hiss!

Hisses to the American Humane Association. Yes, you read that right. According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the AHA has been covering up instances of animal cruelty in Hollywood in order to give movies the “no animals were harmed” seal of approval. It seems that their reps have been on site when animals were harmed or killed, and they decided to use carefully worded statements to gloss it over. So instead of advocating for animals, I guess they are advocating for Hollywood. I am devastated, and have rescinded my membership in the Betty White Fan Club.

Hisses to the owner of an “exotic” food stop in Paris, who, when raided this week, was found to be in possession of more than 200 pounds of bush meat, including gazelles, bats, caterpillars and porcupines. The animal carcasses were imported into France without having met the country’s strict hygiene standards. Supposedly, the bush meat was bound for a Chinese restaurant.

And hisses to the Georgia Regents University’s College of Dental Medicine, for practicing their trade on dogs. An undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the US found the school uses dogs to remove teeth and replace them with implants. The school then euthanizes the dogs and takes bone samples. School officials claim the work is necessary to ensure safe dental procedures for humans. So for all of you humans out there who gloat about your perfect teeth, thank the dogs that suffered and died to teach your dentist how to give you that smile.

Oh Hissy! I am appalled! And I am NOT going anywhere near Georgia! OK June Buggie, come cheer us up!

Let's share some love, people!
Let’s share some love, people!

Purrs to China for banning wild animals from the dinner table at official dinners. This means no shark fins and bird nests will be served at any state functions. That is a huge deal in the fight to convince some Asian people to give up the luxury of shark fin soup.

Purrs to the Nonhuman Rights Project, a non-profit animal rights group, for filing in New York State Court for Tommy, a 26-year-old chimp, to be declared, “a cognitively complex autonomous legal person with the fundamental legal right not to be imprisoned.” Tommy, owned by Patrick and Diane Lavery, is currently incarcerated in a small cement cell in a trailer park in Gloversville, New York.

Purrs to police in Clinton, South Carolina, for nabbing the shoplifter of the local Dollar General store. The culprit? Cato the husky. Video surveillance in the store caught Cato sneaking in using the automatic doors, grabbing treats or food, and taking them behind the store to bury. After a short stint in the local shelter, he was released to human caregiver Holly Darden.


And purrs to the end of the badger cull in Gloucestershire in the UK. The cull was ended early because they were unable to kill enough badgers. Of course, farmers, at least those who dare to talk, blame the protesters. So here’s extra special purrs to those protesters who are working to ensure the badger cull is a one time event that history describes as an embarrassing mistake.

Thanks June Buggie!

Do YOU have any Hisses or Purrs to share with us this week? 

24 thoughts on “American Humane Association: You Need a Name Change

  1. Well I don’t go to the dentist as I think they are rip-off merchants anyway, and that is even more reason for my hard-line attitude.

    Cato has made the news just about everywhere eh? Smart dog.

    As for the UK? a country of hypocrisy. Still riddled with classist attitudes, trying to continue hunting despite the ban and as for badger culls aaagh! Don’t start me. Must finish my post about the laudable hunt sabs organisation.

  2. OMD….how scary to hear abouut the practicing on dogs…… removing teeth and replacing them with implants??? *gooseflesh* As a dog, yes…I think I shouldn’t go to close to Georgia…’s beautiful country though…..

  3. I’m so glad the campaigns against the badger cull were sucessful. I will hiss with you to this exotic food guy and I feel bad and bow my head with shame that this country has animal welfare acts from middle age.

  4. I will probably get a LOT of FLACK fur saying this… butt I think that if a dental school wants to PRACTICE and Experiment… they should use PRISONERS on Death Row… and when they finish their experiment… …. well you get my drift. It would solve two problems and they would get what they deserve in the end.

    As fur the Humane Society…. I have not been a supporter for YEARS… it is like the Am. Red Cross… they get MILLIONS of $$$$ and do next to nothing they SAY they will. they use the $$$$ for what THEY want to use it for.

    1. Ditto on the death row inmates as long as we know they were convicted using science not rumors and corruption. I don’t like killing anything/anyone. Some people do need killing but it is a slippery slope and too often political and racist. So if you agree to the ones either caught in the act or caught by dna, yeah, and can we make an example of the wife and child beaters and rapists and give them free dental there w/o novacaine? Let’s call it dental sensitivity training.
      If people need to donate this year, please consider donating to pay for lawyers to stop the wolf genocide. Make sure you sign all the petitions to stop USFWS from de-listing wolves from the endangered species act list. Public comment period ends Dec. 17th! If you would rather call, then you should call Dan Ashe, Dir. USFWS, Sally Jewell, Sec’y USDA, and President Obama.
      This is urgent, extinction is forever!

      1. Oops, correction, Sally Jewell is Sec’y of the Interior. USDA runs Wildlife Services, which should be outlawed! They are currently being investigated by the IG. Finally! Watch the video on the Predator Defense site on WS and their killing of hundreds of stray dogs with poison by mouth reviving some with amyl nitrate, only to poison them again, kicking live dogs into the garbage ditch at the dump one atop the other, all screaming in pain as they died for a second time, a horrid death. This was worse than Nazi POW camps. And your tax dollars paid for it! Sorry I messed up the alphabet soup names but I have so many on my mind and so much evil to fight! It is hard to keep track! If you all need websites to sign petitions against W.S. and against the delisting of Wolves, from the ESA list of endangered species, try Howling for Justice, Howling for Wolves, GOOD WOLF, Project Coyote, Project Wolf and others.

  5. We have not been a fan of the Humane Society for some time now and prefer to donate to our local SPCA and local animal rescue groups such as Friends of Pets and several others.
    Cudos to Cato!

  6. That story about Georgia Regents’ University Dental College totally ticked me off, too. And then to just put the dogs to death … “evil” does not even begin to describe.

  7. I wonder Rumpy…imagine the outcry if we used humans to test things out for animals …again ashamed as always to be walking on two legs and regarded as a part of the ‘human’ race….I wonder not only at the idea of animal testing but the type of human who can go to ‘work’ and do this….what effect must this have on their psyche….if any…

    1. It’s about how we see things. It seems to wrong to us, but a majority of Americans see animal testing as OK if it means an improved quality of life for humans. Until we make more of them see how most animal testing is for frivolous things and the abject suffering it causes these animals, we won’t get anywhere.

  8. I avoid circuses and other types of life animal entertainment. I guess I need to avoid filmed entertainment as well.

    Thank you for ending on a high note. Because I barely made it through the hisses. 😦

  9. Animalz were killed in Hollywood?? DIZ IZ PAWFULL 😦
    Hurrah fer da badgerz…dey iz so lubly n what did dey do to deeserve bein killed??
    Me head iz reelin frum diz reeport…
    Pjankz Hissy Fit N June Buggie fer all da newz! 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum…

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