Why is Hissy Fit Jones Down on Europe This Week?

It’s time for another edition of Hisses and Purrs. Each week Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie run down the good, and the not-so-good, news about the welfare of animals around the world.

As always, Hissy Fit Jones will start us off. Take it away, Hissy!

Fear the Hiss!
Fear the Hiss!

Hisses to the people of the UK for the record number of animal cruelty cases since the recession. In 2012, 1024 people were convicted of animal cruelty, up from 589 in 2008. Only 10% of those convicted in 2012 served jail time. Dear people, if you cannot or will not care for your animal, do the honorable thing and surrender that animal to a shelter.

Hisses to the Astor shelter of Zagreb, Croatia, where police found 46 dead dogs. The cause of death has not yet been released, but local media speculates the dogs were poisoned. Police are investigating. I hope the perpetrator(s) are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Hisses to the country of Bosnia for enacting a law allowing stray and homeless dogs to be euthanized. The law was enacted after numerous complaints of stray dogs biting people. It’s estimated that there are over 13,000 stray dogs in the capital Sarajevo. The law was amended to allow shelters 15 days to try to adopt out the dogs before they are euthanized. Ironically, in this deeply divided country of Serbs, Croats, and Muslims, all sides agree that this is a bad law.

Oh Dog! This is terrible! Those poor dogs! *sniff sniff*

June Buggie, I think we’re ready for some good news now!

Jan pics 069
There is plenty of good in the world too, ya know!

Purrs to the KuzeyDoga Society and University of Utah, for their efforts to track wolves in Turkey. The latest in tracking collars is being used to follow the wolves. One sad discovery of the effort is to learn there are far fewer wolves in the country than was originally estimated. The study continues with the support of National Geographic Society, the Christensen Fund, the Whitley Fund, and Turkey’s Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks.

Purrs to Leonardo DiCaprio for recently donating $3 million to the World Wildlife Fund to increase the tiger population in Nepal. DiCaprio is a WWF board member, and has supported other efforts to increase tiger populations around the world. Dude, you are my new hero!

Purrs to Giddens Ko of Taiwan for his documentary, Twelve Nights, which exposes what happens to stray animals in his home country. The film follows dogs from the streets to shelters, where they are subjected to harsh treatment and are often exposed to diseases. Approximately half of the over 11,000 animals taken by Taiwan’s shelters last year were destroyed. Ko’s movie has taken in over $30 million Taiwan dollars so far; all of the film’s proceeds will go toward animal-protection awareness. Ko, you’re my hero too!


Thanks Buggie! Now a couple of interesting tidbits to share with you. 

This past week 35-year-old circus trainer Denny Gottani of Spain’s Gottani Circus was attacked by a tiger during a live performance. Gottani was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and the show went on. No word on what happened to the tiger.

Also this week, we report that the FBI’s most wanted “animal rights terrorist” Daniel Andreas San Diego has evaded capture for ten years now. San Diego is wanted for several bombings in 2003. He is a computer specialist, strict vegan, and evidently a smart dude. There’s a $250,000 reward for info leading to his capture.

Do YOU have any hisses or purrs to share this week?


27 thoughts on “Why is Hissy Fit Jones Down on Europe This Week?

  1. *tears* 46 dead dogs….. How sad it is to hear….whoever did this….he/she won’t have a good life…..
    Wow! DiCaprio! I didn’t know that he was animal lover! Since today, he is my hero, too!!! 🙂

  2. It is possible the UK story is not as bad as it seems. I am only speculating but more arrests could mean the police are cracking down on abusers which would be a good thing. I would say that 10% serving jail time should be higher but I don’t know what kind of punishment the other 90% received. Hopefully they were required to do community service at an animal shelter.

      1. Yeah. There was a protest last year, but it failed. Our economy is so terrible no one has time or money here to try again – and the lawmakers are too busy making sure they keep making tons of money themselves to care about cats.

  3. Whee only have purrs this wheek for Wagg/Harringtons Pet Food who heard about our sending secret santa presents to guinea pigs who will be in rescues over the festive period and sent a huge box of food and treats for us to send as part of our donations. It was furry generous and really in the Pigmas spirit!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

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