June Buggie’s letter to Santa

MEOW, Santa!

June Buggie here, and I have something to say!

Buggie in a bulb
Meowy Christmas, Santa!

It’s that time of year when we write you letters telling you how good we are, and begging you for something nice. Well, Santa, I cannot lie. I’ve not been a good kitty. But I have an excuse! See, my human, Jen, named me Junior, then she gave me this cutesy nickname: June Buggie.

And now everybody seems to think I’m a girl. *heavy sigh*

So I’d like you to bring me something to show the world that I’m a MAN! Grrrrr!!!!

I was thinking maybe some rubber testicles like men with inflated egos hang on the back of their trucks. Of course, you’d also have to bring a truck, because Jen says no way I can hang them on the back of her car. Oh yeah, and I’ll need a driver’s license.

How about some of that manly cologne I see advertised on TV? The one that makes women chase you around and stuff? Oh wait, what if it makes women DOGS chase me around? Nah, nix that one too.

Maybe some power tools? I know, a chain saw! And a hard hat! And a cool tool belt! But wait, what if someone asks to borrow my tools or actually wants me to fix something?


Or maybe you could bring me a new nickname. Yeah! Something manly, like Ace, or Dude, or Skipper.

But….. what if Jen forgets my new nickname? She is old, after all. She might never call me again for supper, or for treats…… or just to snuggle with her!


On second thought, Santa, I’m good here. 

Merry Christmas!

44 thoughts on “June Buggie’s letter to Santa

  1. Awwwww….June Buggie!!!!! You look already very manly cat to me!!! I’ll kick out anyone who call you a girl!!!! Grrrrr…. I’m sure you’ve been a good kitty this year, too! You ‘re just too modest to say that you’ve not been…. so mr Santa will bring you what you want!!! 🙂

  2. I don’t think there is any danger of mom not snuggling with you Mr. June Buggie, but maybe Ace Buggie or Dude Buggie would help? Wishing you a Merry Christmas June Buggie.

  3. Oh dear June Buggie…I have seen those rubber things on trucks and have to resist the urge to go and kick them…don’t know why…hahaha so best you leave off the old decking of the halls hey ! hugs to you ginger mancat you…BTW Dinnermintz is always assumed to be a boy because she is a ginger cat..she has a complex too 😉 xxx

      1. Indeed..ginge-ites need to step off….must go figure out how ….I am sure with help from some Ginger Ninjas and possibly the Gingerbread man ( a huge figure at this time of year) some power to the Ginge may be attained 😉

  4. I can so see your dilemma my friend. It’s not easy being that handsome. Maybe introduce yourself the Bond kind of way… “Hi, my name Buggy, Mr. June” and then a masculine purr. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  5. Haha – Alma is often mistaken for a male dog because she’s so big. Unless she’s standing right next to Moses – he’s clearly much bigger, so people correctly assume their sexes. I used to try to judge by collar colour or name, but that’s still often wrong! (I know a female dog named Homer, for example.) Maybe you just need some super masculine accessories. Cufflinks or a bowtie, perhaps.

  6. Oh dear, you really just need to wear a tie. I sport a bow-tie for special occasions and I’m really the most handsome thing ever in it. You could also wear a collar tie, but I suspect you’d like the bow best. Bow-ties are cool!

  7. Poor June buggie. Don’t worry everyone thinks my cat boo is a girl so you’re not alone. Think of it as a compliment that you’re so beautiful people assume you are a girl. 🙂 if it helps any I’ve been called sir on the phone and I am a girl. 🙂

  8. Hahahahahaha!!!!!! That was a hilarious post!!! Testicles? LOL u r to funny!! And hey, I love your nickname!! Its sooo adorable and snuggly and cute…..er….um…..I mean…..its sooooooo manly and grrr mean sounding! Teehee!
    (((Hugs))) from your best husky pals!

  9. Such a dilemma JB…do you go for the new powerful manly knickname…Hud, Jud, Bud…OR make sure the Jen snuggles and treats and noms keep coming…tough buddy, very tough (hope you excuse and forgive my loong absence from your comments *glares at typist*)

  10. I love your name even though it took me a few posts to realize you are a boy. We’ll all be confused if Jen changes your name.

    I’m sure Santa will bring you something nice. After all, you write the “Purrs” and let us know the good that’s happening for animals.

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