Tacky Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Cats

Ah, the last weekend before Christmas! Have all your shopping done? No?

Well if it’s tacky, you’re looking for, I’ve got ya covered.

This week, it’s all about the Crazy Cat Lady.

She comes dressed in her PJs and with 8 cats.

The Crazy Cat Lady is the middle-aged woman who “can’t get a man,” so instead she lives alone with a herd of cats. She may be a hoarder, she may be mentally ill, but she’s certainly eccentric.

This gender biased stereotype harkens back to the days where older women who lived on their own were considered witches, and their cats were their “familiars.” Four hundred years later and our ideas about women who live alone haven’t changed much.

ccc candy
Crazy Cat Ladies have their own candy in the worst possible colors. Hey, wanna puke-colored cat to munch on?

Sadly, many people find these items “cute” and buy them, and perpetuating the myth that women of a certain age who choose to share their lives with cats are to be made fun of. 

If you want to show someone what a sexist pig you are, you can buy these items at Amazon.com.

crazy cat lady game
This is the Crazy Cat Lady game, so crazy cat ladies can get together and socialize.

But I’m here to tell ya now that if you buy one for Jen, be prepared to stay awhile because you’re gonna be in for a long lecture.

27 thoughts on “Tacky Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Cats

  1. Crazy cat hoarder …hmmmm as if it is even amusing if someone male or female is one…..just ask my poor Pickles..who only today we were discussing how lucky she was I saved her….couple more hours she would have died…it’s an illness usually started with the best intentions..and as for any human male or female who has more than one cat well…good for them…if you can feed them house them vet check them love them then how is that crazy….imagine the outrage over a game or toy that implied women stayed home and did nothing but pop out too many kids…oh that’s right there was an old woman who lived in a shoe….ahhhh dear…the things people buy into..had six cats at one stage and often had people joke about this crazy cat lady thing to me…funny since I am happily married with four kids but not once did I hear crazy cat man/kid/teenager/….

    1. The most cats I ever owned was five. I started with one, who produced a litter of three. Then I failed to spay/neuter the three kittens in time and they parented one incestuous kitten. I did spay/neuter all of them before the situation got out of control. It was an economic hardship to maintain all five, but I accepted it as the price for their loving companionship. This was twenty years ago. This cat dynasty lasted for 17 years. I loved all those cats as if they were my children, and losing them was a great heartbreak. To love is to open one’s heart to sorrow. That is the nature of love.

      1. I agree with you whole heartedly…we have more pets than money in the bank and I know which makes us happier..they are all top priority and even if we go without sometimes we really don’t when we get a snuggle or a smile from a doggie ..And yes when they leave us it shatters our world..and leaves us broken..

  2. hEy, deSpiTe tHe faCt thAt cAts haVe saVed meNny gRaiN haRveSts tHrOughOut hiStoRy aN heLpeD eNd tHe deAdLy bLacK dEatH pLagUe iN euRope, eVerYbuDdy feRgeTs tHe sMaLL sTuFf wE dUn feR yOomaniTy. iTs aLwaYs “yEaH, yeAh, yEaH…sO wHuT hAve yOo dUn feR uS LateLy?”

    sTanD pRouD, cRazY cAt LadiEs. yOo rOck!

  3. I read about this thingy at amazon. the only complaint about was, that the box was damaged…it’s a little scary that people say it’s funny, and it’s a little scary that someone invented that thingy and thought it’s funny…

  4. Oh! We might want to get one of these stuff for our mom, she still lives with her mom and dad though……Hmmm… she is also crazy about dogs, too!!! 🙂

  5. Well, let me blow your mind a little bit here…I’m a married middle-aged lady who proudly calls herself a crazy dog lady — and hubby is a crazy dog guy — because even though we already had two older Golden Retrievers, we couldn’t not adopt our 3rd dog (Ducky) when she urgently needed her fur-ever home.

  6. wow! How horrid is that?? I mean really…..some things. Hard to believe anybody would buy this time…..sadly it is very true that they are out there, and these things do get purchased! Crazy!
    ((husky hugz))

  7. Wikipedia has a pretty good entry on animal hoarding. It is a mental disorder. I read an article in the LA Weekly about a woman who lived in the desert and was a hoarder of cats. In the story, it was pro-ported that women were more likely to hoard animals than men. It also said that men were more likely to hoard dogs, while women were more likely to hoard cats. The Simpsons has a recurring character who is a “crazy cat lady,” who spouts gibberish and tosses cats at people. Animal hoarders believe they are helping their pets, even though they are overwhelmed with the sheer number of animals under their roof. My mother and I have three cats and a dog. Whenever I lose a beloved companion, I go into mourning. I can’t even think about getting another “pet.” After a period of a few months, I adopt a new cat. There are so many out there that need homes! If I hit the lottery, one of the things that I would do is establish a sanctuary, staffed by paid professionals and volunteers, to give shelter to abandoned, feral or unwanted animals. That’s my lottery fantasy. Sorry for the long post. It’s an issue that I think about often.

  8. Yes, pet hoarding is a serious problem. We’ve been called the “cat volunteer couple,” but we definitely know that it’s important to know limits. We keep each other in check.

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