DeDe is Living for the Moment!

Oh Dog! DeDe here with this week’s tip to make you look and feel your best!

I’m your Personal Beauty Consultant!

But first, an update on me.

A biopsy of the tumor was taken Friday afternoon, and now we’re waiting for the results. If it is a sarcoma, we’re going to aspirate the other tumors and see if they’re also sarcoma, then decide what steps we’ll take. I have 5 tumors on my body right now- one on each leg and one on my tail.

Which brings me to today’s beauty tip- live for the day.

I know it sounds cliché to say that we don’t know what tomorrow brings, but it’s true. Just ask those who have been impacted by winter storm Gemini.

So make it a point to enjoy today. Find something that gives you pleasure, and do it today. Me? I’m going to enjoy my family, my home, and treats!

I enjoyed the warm weather yesterday!
I enjoyed the warm weather yesterday!

And remember- when you’re living in the moment, you’ll want to use this essential beauty product- A SMILE!

Happy Christmas everybody! 

51 thoughts on “DeDe is Living for the Moment!

  1. Dear DeDe…….I have my paws crossed that those are not BAD tumors…..I know that some of us get harmless tumors sometimes just because we’re getting (ahem) “older”…..I’ll look forward to hearing what the doctor guy says but in the meantime – your advice to LIVE IN THE MOMENT is excellent. Adding a smile makes it just that much better too! You, my dear DeDe are the epitome of beauty from the inside out.

    Holiday Hugs of Hope, Sammy

  2. We wish you all the best, sweet DeDe! We’re praying for a miracle to happen!! We are sending huge hugs your way! And you’re so right, one should enjoy every minute of every day… 🙂

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  3. Dear DeDe, I know that you and your family have been so worried of your condition, but still you kindly give us this beauty tip….what a thoughtful lady dog you are, DeDe. We’ve been keeping our fingers and paws crossed for you.
    We need your beauty tip, we need your gorgeous smile, we need you DeDe! Have a happy Christmas with Jen and your family! From Kevin, mom and kitties xxxxx

  4. DeDe I hope you will get good news from the lab. I cross my paws and you are in my thoughts and in my heart.
    I agree with you, we should enjoy every moment, because it’s unique. Or like Emily Dickinson said: Forever is composed of nows.

  5. You always know the beest way to handle difficult situations. Living for today is wonderful advice. As doggies, it’s easier for us to live in the moment than for our humans. This is good advice for EVERYONE. Mom and I will continue to say prayers for you and your family. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  6. Oh, DeDe, I try follow this motto. It is sometimes very difficult but I think even a half success brought a great many of good days into my life! I hope you can develop this method to a very-very high level in future and teach your mom new lessons for many-many days!

  7. this hits close to home my older girl Cissy now 13 has trouble at times getting up from even a sitting position. I think the best thing I ever gave her was Fredrieka. She moves more and seems happier. I have seen a big change in her this past month. The least little strange noise makes her nervous to the point of coming to us for comfort. In the past a smoke alarm low battery , or thunderstorms. These fears have intensified the past month. SIGH! Rescued Cissy 12 1/2 years ago

  8. Merry Christmas DeDe and RumpyDog
    Hope Santa brings you a clean bill of health and all the bones you can eat
    ☆Happy Holidays☆

  9. wishing you all a very happy Christmas, we’re going to keep on smiling and think good thoughts for you 🙂
    Teagan, Ellie and Pickle the Cat xx

  10. DeDe we will keep a living in the moment attitude for you also..wonderful adivce sweet one we hope for the best outcome for your results and know that you are loved and well cared for.Sending our hugs to you and keeping our paws crossed.Love Fozziemum and the whole gang xxx

  11. Oh Miss DeDe…I am sorry I am late to learn this about your health. You know I try very hard to live to your pawsome advice…my beauty tip is always “smile, Smile, Smile”…and I am smiling now because I have come to know and love you

  12. DeDe, thank you for this post. I know that you must be in pain and yet you took the time and energy to give an important tip. You are an inspiration. Mom and i are praying for you and keeping our fingers and paws crossed that all wil be okay. I hope the medication is taking away the pain and you are comfortable.

  13. Wishing you all the best DeDe. We only have this moment, so the best thing is to enjoy it for as much as you can. Sending lots of healing Pawkisses your way and wishing all of you a Merry Christmas 🙂

  14. All of here in Taylors, SC, are sending positive thoughts and energy out to you, DeDe; and praying that all of those tumors are benign! You keep on being the beautiful, sweet girl that you are and keep wearing that smile! Enjoy each and every moment as best you can. And especially love on Jen — she could probably use a little extra to help her smile through her concern. ❤

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