The Pathology Results are In……

Yesterday I got the call. The pathology results were in. 

You can see the tumor on her hip.

DeDe’s tumor is a hemangiopericytoma. It’s cancer. It’s considered malignant. But they don’t usually metastasize. Instead, treatment consists of surgically removing the tumor and some surrounding healthy tissue.

But they almost always come back. In one forum, I read a post that said the tumor was growing back right beside the surgical incision that hadn’t even healed fully.

So now I must decide what is best for DeDe.

If I have the tumor removed, it’s recommended she stay confined with minimal movement. With her arthritis, that’s going to mean stiffness in her joints. And it may be a painful experience for naught, because the tumor most likely will return.

If I leave it alone, it will most likely continue to grow, and eventually I’ll have to decide when it’s too much for her and let her go.

DeDe has had a good life, but it’s also not been an easy one.

So, what to do?

I don’t know. I’ll continue to research. I’ll talk with the vets when I have the stitches from the biopsy removed. I’ll pray for guidance.

Any experience you can share will be gratefully accepted, as will your prayers, thoughts, and good wishes. 

91 thoughts on “The Pathology Results are In……

  1. Oh Jen……I have no experience with anything like this but I do know that you’ll know – because you know and love DeDe – what the best course of action is for her. I’m so sorry and I’ll pray that you’ll get the advice and information you need from the vet or others who may know more. I will, however, send hugs…..Sammy and I can do that at least.

    Love, Pam and Sam

  2. I am sorry that the news was not what had been hoped for. My heart aches for you as your decision is a very difficult one to make. My only advice is that you will know when it is time. DeDe will tell you in her own way. Keep talking with your vet and they will help you make the decision. Please remember that you are not alone – there are many people in the world who are here to support whatever decision you make. I will pray for all you and keep you in my thoughts.

    Joyce and Isaiah

  3. Oh Jen, we’re all feeling for you. I’ll have a chat with my guardian angel {daddy} and ask him to keep an eye on you all. I can’t imagine how you must be – so much to think about and options to weigh. Hopefully the love which will no doubt pour in from around the world will be of some comfort to you while you decide. Lots of love from the 4 of us xox

  4. Our Friend Nina has a tumour they tried her on chemo to shrink the tumor as it was to large for surgery alone but the chemo had no effect on the tumor so there is no more treatment for it except to make her comfortable she is 12 years old which is not bad for a Dalmatian but there is no way of knowing How long she has as it has slowed down in growing it could stay like that for a while or it may not,all we know is her daddy will spoil her and make the most of her for how ever long she has.She is still happy in her self still so at the moment that is all that matters.What ever you decide I’m sure it will be the right one for her,our thoughts and Prayers are with you during this time,xx Speedy and Mum Rachel

  5. My heart goes out to you and of course to DeDe and the rest of the family. Cancer is an awful word and I’m praying that one day soon it will be totally curable for humans and animals alike. Sending love from both me and @FredaANDpals. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers xx

  6. Rumpy, we have experience with tumors and Homeopathy. DeDe isn’t lost yet, I’m sure the combination of an operation and Homeopathy can give her at least quality time and the possibility that the tumors won’t come back. Please consider it! We’re sending healing Pawkisses your way 🙂

  7. Prayers and good thoughts for wisdom. Only DeDe’s counts. Her well-being and quality of life is your only issue, reallly. How difficult this will be, I know and I’ll think of you!

  8. I don’t know what to say , I am sad for you , you will bare the burden heaviest, I shall pray for you to make the right decision for you and DeDe. I shall pray for DeDe to be as well and pain free as possible. We have had many pets but not had to deal with cancer through them… I only know the c best from human perspective which I assume is the mostly the same. I will pray for you all. Hugs!!! xxxxxx

  9. We have no experience but I am confident that what ever your choice it will be a right one, simply because you know best what will be the best for DeDe. In the meantime we are thinking of you and sending positive vibes to DeDe. Stay strong, both of you.

  10. I’m very terribly sorry to hear what has been happening to DeDe….I don’t want to believe it……It’s unbearable to think how Jen feels now…..I’m very sorry….DeDe’s innocent eyes make me cry……why this happened to her…..
    Jen….we strongly pray for DeDe…….really hope that there must be something for DeDe to gets well………
    Keeping DeDe Jen and Jen’s furfamily in our thoughts. Sending hugs, DeDe.

  11. Jen, I’m so sad about this news. From everything you say about her she is a sweet and kind girl. We know you love DeDe and will do what’s best for her and will ensure that she is comfortable and in as little pain as possible. DeDe will let you know in her own way when it’s time to say good-bye. I will pray for you and DeDe.

  12. Such tough decisions. That is where Mom would so love just five minutes of conversation with us so she could hear what we would want. Several friends have recently been diagnosed with cancer, it is so very sad. You will make the right decision and DeDe knows you will do what is best for her.

  13. Jen, Jesse James (the kitty) was diagnosed with this type of cancer,along with a vaccine related cancer when he was 19 years old. We opted to try the surgery – and Dr Nero told us they were the strangest tumors he’d ever seen. We had to keep Jess quiet for a while to heal. He came home with a huge incision and over 25 staples. Scary – but – with his pain meds he did wonderful.

    As he healed, his fur became pure gloss, his energy was amazing – and he was like a young kitty again. It was wonderful to see.

    He lived another very full and happy year before he really started to have issues. It was hard to let him go, but we were so grateful for the extra happy year he had.

    Go with your heart when you make your decision. You will know what’s best and DeDe will help you to make the right decision.

    Huge Hugs and Prayers

    Donna, Morgan and Willow

  14. Oh I am so sorry to read about DeDe. I know you will do the very best for her. She is surrounded by love and family. Big hugs all round. Take care

  15. I am so sorry for the decision you must make. We went through this last Spring. Letting them go when we should is not the easy path. You may remember dear Murphy the Airedale. You will know when it is time. They will let you know. Just try to not go past the time cause you can’t bear it. Loving thoughts to you and your beloved DeDe. Sorry for this news.

  16. Jenny, while I can’t relate to having a doggie with such a serious condition, I can relate to the love we humans have for our special, special furry friends. This is such a tough time, I know. I think your decision to research and talk to professionals is a good one. Either way, it’s going to be so hard on you emotionally, as well as physically tough on DeDe. There’s no easy answer on this one. Praying for you, girl!

  17. I feel with you.
    Probably, under the described circumstances, I would leave her in peace an not going through several always painful surgical operations with a result that means just getting some months more.

  18. So sorry to read the news about DeDe! My heart is breaking for you. All I can tell you is to let your heart tell you what is right for her. Speak with the vets, weigh your options, and listen to your heart. The important thing is to keep DeDe as pain-free as possible. Sending positive energy out for all of you and hugs for you, Jen.

  19. Sending you my thoughts Jen, its so hard I know when we have to make these choices.. But you will know what to do and when to do it… follow your instincts, Quality of Life for DeDe is the most important consideration as you have already said .. I had to make that choice with two of my Cats… so my heart is with you .. Much Love sent as well as all my healing thoughts to you ALL.. Sue xox

  20. I am very sad that the results are not good. I know that your decisions will be made with love and care for DeDe – and I send you much love. Here for you anytime – love Charlie and Anthea xx

  21. We have experience (too much) with mast cell. I know they often come back, but they don’t ALWAYS come back. We never had much luck in keeping our furry kids as quiet after surgery as they were supposed to be. No one seemed to have told them they needed to rest. We had the tumors removed. One dog, our beloved Divot, lived another 10 years (she was 5 at the time) and died eventually of being very old. Tinker lived 5 more years — she was 6 — and died of metastacized cancer we didn’t even suspect until the day she died. Dogs can really hide stuff from us when they choose to (and they usually choose to).

    I know mast cell isn’t the same, but it is similar in the way it behaves. It may come back quickly, it may come back but be years until it does. It may never come back at all. There is no way to know. A lot depends on the surgeon’s skill … and whether or not something else has already started that you may not know about. If it were me — and it was — I would take out the tumor, at least this one and cross my fingers. Regardless, you’ll buy some time and dogs, even elderly dogs, pop back from this kind of surgery (as long as you don’t put them through radiation or chemo — which I would never recommend) faster than you would think. Being with you is really all they ask.

    When they are ready to go, you know. They tell you with their eyes. You can see it. This is the one part of having pets that is so terribly hard for us all. We are not good at the end of life. Our animals accept it with dignity. It’s we humans that don’t. Good luck and you have my whole heart and sympathy with you.

  22. We were faced with the same decision a year ago. Our Silky Terrier, CoCo had a tumor on the left side of her neck. We had it removed and then a year later two more showed up. We also had those removed last October. Although the surgeries were not permanent, CoCo’s life has remained normal. She is 13 years old and enjoys every day. I vowed if the surgeries took any kind of toll in her happiness I would stop. So far it has not happened, so morally I still feel we are doing the right thing. Although it is a personal decision, doing what is best for the pet is always the right thing to do. You are in our thoughts.

  23. Hi there -my site is about travel but I have personal and professional experience re: cancer and pets. My father is a Veterinarian and I’ve worked with him since I was 6 years old (I’m 47).

    First, due to lawsuits today, the vets will give you the worse case scenario. Also, you can always get a second opinion (ask a Lab dog rescue organization employee or foster parent for their Vet).

    So, as an example, I have a cat who had this tumor and cancer. The key is the surgery—removal must be aggressive. They will suggest chemo and radiation. They will tell you that even if you do all this (most will work out payment plans) your dog/cat may not survive for more than a year or two. THAT ISN’T ALWAYS THE CASE. Honestly, they don’t know, and each animal reacts differently.

    My cat? They were very aggressive on the surgery to get out the cancer. He did the full chemo and radiation treatment (I had to pay full price).

    That was 8 year ago!!!! He is 21 years old now. For his arthritis I always use glucosamine/chondroitin.

    Best of luck to you. If you want to talk offline, my email is Don’t give up.

  24. This is never an easy decision. We lost our Boston Terrier, Bobby, to cancer in 2012. He developed a small tumor on his jowl. The vet performed surgery and was hopeful he was able to get it all. It was a beautiful incision — told him he should think of plastic surgery for dogs! Anyway, about a month later we noticed a tiny spot returning in the same area. The cancer was back. The doctor had told us he had an aggressive cancer and had been afraid of that. We put off that final decision as long as we could — probably too long for Bobby. It was extremely difficult but we knew we couldn’t let him suffer any longer. You will know what to do when the time comes. Because you love DeDe, you’ll make the right decision at the right time. God bless.

  25. A heavy heart. Now we know — something. But what? As all your commenters point out . . . .

    In my own experience, I have only had one cat who died completely suddenly. The shock was the most horrible thing I’ve ever been through, not having been given the grace to prepare, to say goodbye. It seems to me that anything would be better than the shock my Fang and I went through. And so, in your situation, I think of my dearest friend instead.

    This friend has a chocolate lab Ivy, who is now facing similar issues to DeDe. She, like you, has exerted herself to the utmost, to research treatment options and possible prognoses. She, like you, is facing a great deal of uncertainty.

    The thing is, I have been so moved to hear my friend’s pure, simple statement, repeated again and again, to cherish every minute she has with Ivy. She tells me of examples. Trips to the lake, so Ivy can dip in, even though walking on the rocks is hard now. Special treats (need we say more, about labs’ gastronomic lives!). It brings tears to my eyes just writing about it now. My friend’s devotion and peaceful acceptance is so simple, so utterly beautiful.

    I wish, for you dear Jen, that you can enjoy just that kind of simplicity and beauty and beauty. I wish it for myself. I know that simplicity and beauty are an essential connection with what’s absolutely true: Which is, that none of us are here together forever. Sometimes I fight this reality so mightily, I wear myself out. I know that exhausting and futile fight is really not the optimum way to go, to approach this pain. I love my friend’s ability to be so passionately present, in simplicity and beauty. May the same simplicity and beauty come to you, to me, to all of us.

  26. Oh God, I am so sorry. We are praying with you that you will be lead to the decision that is best for both of you. In the meantime you are BOTH in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Caren, Dakota and Cody

  27. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that about DeDe. At least there is the ‘good’ news of it not being metastatic. Our boy had surgery for a cancerous tumor in his cyst about a month ago [he had also part of his cyst removed] but our vet was very optimistic because it was not metastatic. He actually didn’t leave any hesitation as to whether we should take it out or not, exactly because it was of that type. It is dangerous to operate a metastatic cancer as it is very likely to grow back and metastasize to other organs. As for her arthritis maybe you could help her out for some time with physiotherapy to avoid the stiffness. Whichever your decision, I know it will be the wisest one and I wish you and DeDe all the best.

  28. I’ve yet to face that decision with my pets. My godmother, however had a dog, only about 6 years old, who got a tumor on his leg (I don’t know what kind.). They amputated the leg, but the cancer had metastasized and less than a month later they put him down. A friend of my boyfriend’s had a similar situation, but the tumor was on the dog’s face. Last I heard, the dog was perfectly fine post-surgery. As others have said, there isn’t a hard and fast rule, especially with cancer. I send my empathy and support your way as you face this decision.

  29. I am in awe of the wonderful comments above…there is lots of hope here…especially from those who have experienced this type of tumor in their animal family. Hugs and prayers are with you all… Christine

  30. Hi jen, our holly had a tumor in her elbow. It was stage1. We opted for surgery. She is a new dog. The vet said it would likely come back but we’d be giving her many years to live and save the leg. It was about 4grand all tolled. Do it.

  31. Oh Miss Kitty & I sure hope you will be able to make an informed decision. We will send Purrs & Prayers your way hoping for the very best…
    All The Best To You,
    Miss Kitty & Mum

  32. If DeDe won’t be allowed to move around only for a shorter period of time, I think the operation could be the preferred option, unless the vets say otherwise. There is hope that she will have some good months or even years, isn’t it? You might also try to consult many vets about the chances and possibilities and follow the advice of the best one who can weigh up things such as DeDe’s general condition, the history of her present tumors, her arthritis etc. I think you will easily recognize who this person is and you will make up a good team and find the best solution for DeDe together.

  33. I’m sorry to hear this 😦 When I found out my cat Bourbon had Feline Leukemia it was a shock – they told me he only had about 3 – 4 years to live. However, its now going on year 5 and he’s still doing great! We keep him inside and monitor his health all the time. He goes in for regular checkups and gets lots of love in the meantime. I know that some day in the future I will have to face the same decision you are looking at now and I feel for both you and DeDe.

  34. This is indeed a quandary. I lost my husky/chow mix, Miko, to this type of tumor almost 9 years ago. I opted not to have surgery done because it would have meant amputation of her front leg. Now, after learning more about cancer in animals, specifically this type, I might have made a different decision. Bottom line, learn as much as you can, very good idea to seek 2nd opinion (with oncologist if possible), and go from there. Also, DeDe will let you know when it’s time to let her go. So many of the replies I’ve read, not only on here but under others posting and asking for people who’ve been thru this to share their experiences, the results are about 50/50. Most of the ones who opted for surgery said it gave their fur-kid more time with them, some mentioned quality time, others not so much. Just know that we’re here for you if you need us and support whatever decision you make. Love you and Rumpy, DeDe, and June Buggie (as well as the other kitties I don’t know the names of). Follow your instincts. ❤

  35. I’m so sorry that’s the diagnosis Either way it’s painful. One of the other considerations is how DeDe would recover from the surgery itself with anesthetic and pain from the incision and stitches. Would she live the last of her days debilitated by the surgery and have cancer return anyway? Does chemo help with this? That may help keep it at bay long enough to recover fully. Often when cancer returns to a site it’s more aggressive because the patient’s immunity, as well as the site itself, has been weakened enough to let the cancer have its way. And then keeping her away from the rest of the household–totally changing her life. I guess it all depends on what DeDe can tolerate. Thinking of you.

  36. My heart goes out to you. I’m sure others have said this but you have to balance quality of life issues with treatment possibilities all in the context of her personality and how she handles change. Give DeDe kisses on her sweet little head for all of your readers and bless you both.

  37. Maybe the only beautiful thing about today is to see this much of comments full of love and prayers for you and for DeDe. I’m only sorry and hands are tight, just praying… Hope is a powerful thing to hold-on. What is best for her is you would decide after the veterinarian’s opinons. But just like in life, I think there’s no right or wrong, there are only choices. Which ever you choose for her, would be the best decision.
    We are all praying for the best. May health shine in your home 🙂
    Hugs and Kisses
    Servant Z & Yelloz (fourcatpaw)

  38. OH MY…. we are so sorry that the news was not better. We KNOW that DeDe is in EXCELLENT hands and that you will do whatever is Best. We are praying for DeDe and fur YOU.

  39. DeDe was sent to you for a reason – you care. The role of a guardian is difficult. It’s so hard to explain things/procedures to them. Quality of life is important. A someone said, you will see in her eye when it’s time. Meanwhile, she is content and grateful for all you have given and will give.
    Is there a university Vet school research center you can consult? (like TX A&M?)
    Hopes. Hugs. Prayers. And much warmth sent for all.

  40. Prayers go out to you and DeDe. I know how you feel…truly. My beloved Pugsley was diagnosed with tumors in his stomach, no hope for him. I kept him as along as possible, as long as he was feeling well and able to have a quality of life. it was hard but the day I knew it was time, it was right. I was his best friend and he was mine. We have to do for them things they can’t, no matter how hard. Lots of love surrounding you all, from me and my Sam Cat.

  41. I’m sorry. I’ll pray for you also. It’s good that it doesn’t metastasize but I know you still have difficult decisions to make. Thinking of you all and sweet DeDe especially.

  42. Jen, either decision will be the right one since it is being made through a filter of love. ..that doesn’t mean you won’t second guess yourself for years to come. I lost Cayenne over 14 years ago to a similar decision and still cry sometimes at night. DeDe is a very fortunate lady to have found you…and you, her…

    My heart aches for you. You are probably suffering a lot more than DeDe at this point. I think that dogs have a healthier view on life. They live life to the fullest, love abundantly, then take what comes.

  43. gosh, we are sorry to hear this a bout DeDe. we wanted to say that our doggy bro Wriggley had a similar tumor, a nerve sheath tumor, on his shoulder. he had surgery and the doc was able to get good margins. the biopsy results were that is was malignant. No other tumors have grown back since, and besides the surgery he didn’t have any other treatments. This was about 4 years ago – he was 8 at the time. We’ll sure keep all of you in our prayers.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  44. My heart and prayers are with you, that God gives you wisdom with DeDe and also His peace. I do sort of understand the pain of this decision…I had to make the same decision a few years ago with my horse Hobby. She was a beautiful horse and we were closely connected…I bought her when she was 2 years old and she did all kinds of good things and fun things with me. If you have seen the picture on my blog of me standing with a horse in the wheat, that is Hobby. When she was 6 years old she fell on me when I was riding her for no apparent reason. I never saw it coming. I had barely gotten on her and we had begun walking slow circles and boom. She did not move and I could not get my foot out of the stir-up under her…long story short, I finally got free with some ripped tendons and Hobby did come around with a surprised look on her face too. The vet told me she did not have any tissue between her feet bones, was prob born with this, so it was bone on bone and when she fell it was due to her trying to push through and collapsing in pain and shock. It took the vets two years to figure this out as at first they thought it was a nerve issue in the neck.She had such a BIG heart and I loved her so very much. We tried everything….I went through bc while she recovered and then we recovered together….but the pain came roaring back and it was the hardest decision I ever made, but I knew her life quality would not be good so our vet came here to our ranch to help her go to sleep peacefully. She is buried here and God gave me a profound image of Hobby sniffing Lottie’s nose in this lush green pasture…later WB told me they are buried facing each other…I do believe that God gave me a real vision of Hobby trotting into heaven and meeting Lottie who was also one of my horses that I had for 20 years. I know that I will see them both again….but it was not easy. I am praying that God guides you and also the vets…with all they have these days maybe one of the vets can do something to heal her of this not coming back. Hugs and Prayers…for you and for DeDe.

  45. So, so sad and so sorry you and DeDe are experiencing this. If anyone deserves good fortune it’s the beautiful DeDe! What a tough life before you came along, Jen. You’ve given DeDe so much love – and so have her furry brothers and sisters (love that picture above). I love DeDe sooooo much and wish more than anything that she could have the tumor removed and then she’d be fine. I’ve been thinking of you both so much and am sending as much love and best wishes as possible. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  46. Dear Jen I am so sorry that DeDe has Cancer..I so hoped it was soemthing that could be reversed or removed w/out any further bother. I think you are following the bst course of action. Educate yourself about the Cancer & if there are any online support groups join one & go to the Vet(s) for advice & guidance.
    I do not know what i would do in this situation.
    I would be torn to try to ‘save’ her & ‘let her be’ til she told me it was time to go….
    Whatever you decide I support you 150%.
    With love & prayers, Sherri-Ellen xo

  47. Jen, I have been away from blogging for quite a few days and was really hoping the news would be good for DeDe! I am so sorry that this has happened. I pray you make the right decision (I know you will) for the sweet girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have no advice to give you, sadly, but wishing for you strength and wisdom as you think through the options. Caro xox

  48. We’re a little behind, so we didn’t know that DeDe had a problem. We’re so sorry the test results weren’t what you wanted. But we know you will do the right thing for DeDe. We send you purrs.

  49. Mario’s M here – I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s the news that everyone dreads. I guess all you can do is take it day by day and be prepared for whatever will come. I know you’ll have DeDe’s best interests at heart. HUGS dear friend,

  50. So sorry the news wasn’t better for you and for Dede. Phantom had a similar tumor removed from his chest 4 1/2 years ago. Horrible surgery, good chance it would grow back. He had a small recurrence on his face, but he has managed pretty well all things considered. Get all the facts and then decide what is best for Dede. You are both in our thoughts and prayers.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  51. It’s always difficult to put down a beloved animal, but sometimes, there’s no other logical choice. That’s what my parents and I had to do to our 12-year-old German shepherd nearly 29 years ago. It tore us up – even the vet and his nurse got emotional – but the dog was suffering too much. Please keep us updated on DeDe’s condition and know your loyal followers are with you all the way!

  52. We are so sorry to hear about DeDe’s tumor. We are sending prayers and hugs. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S) and our Mom Judy

  53. you will make the right decision..
    for you think with your heart….
    My heart and prayers go out to you and DeDe and all her friends and family there…
    Take Care…You Matter..

  54. Sorry about the bad results, though it is good that this one doesn’t like to metastasize. How long does she have to stay confined? What about cryosurgery? It might be a good idea to consult an oncologist, whether you plan on going through with the surgery or not.

    One thought on the side of crazy – won’t hurt to talk to Dr. Kramer @VetGuru. I know I read some articles about the use of topical marijuana for some tumors.

  55. I’m sorry that it’s malignant. My experience with it is that is the surgeon gets the tumor and enough of the surrounding healthy tissue (a good clean border)reoccurrence is unlikely. The downside to this is the number DeDe has and if the area is too great that increases incision time inhibiting activity and increases stiffness as you mentioned. That they are slow growing it still offers hope that if you do nothing she may still have a good hunk of quality time left before another more painful decision needs to be made. My heart is with you, DeDe, and the rest of the gang at this very difficult time. Love,Paulette

  56. Sorry to hear that – I wish you the best of luck with the decision. Remember there’s no objective right here, you can’t possibly know the outcome. You can only do your very best. Thoughts are with you!

  57. I am so sorry to hear your news, Jen, but I am much encouraged you will make the right decision. We have never experienced this, so have nothing to offer as far as advice. You have many wise friends commenting here and that makes me happy. I know you will follow your heart as well as DeDe’s. We send lots of hugs and purrs and support to you no matter what your decision becomes.

  58. So sorry for this difficult decision you must make. If it were me, I would leave it alone, make sure the quality of De De’s life is as good as can be, and let her tell me when it is time. *hug for all De De’s loved ones and a special gentle hug for De De*

  59. I’m really sorry to hear about DeDe’s diagnosis. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice for you other than to do some research on your own and talk to the vets about what you learn and together you can make a well informed decision on what needs to be done for DeDe. And, of course lean on your blogging buddies as much as you need to.

  60. Jen I truly thought I had commented. Whatever you decide will be with DeDe’s very best interest in mind. Your love for her is true and she knows it. I am ever so sad to learn this after you had finally managed to get her allergy under control so her poor little front legs were not always raw. Her early life was very hard and harsh, but she has had your unswerving love. If I can help, you know how to contact me.

  61. Whatever you decide to know, we all know that, as her mom, you made the best decision you possibly could. You know DeDe better than any of us and therefore, have everything you need to make this difficult decision. Heather also had a malignant, albeit localized form of cancer called liposarcoma. She had the surgery almost one year ago and so far, it doesn’t appear to have grown back. I know DeDe’s form of cancer is different but I thought I’d offer our experience to you as hope. Again, whatever you decide, you have our support! Much love to you and DeDe, The Scottie Mom.

  62. I’m so sorry, Jen. Please know that we are purring and praying for wisdom. I know how much you love DeDe, and know you will do whatever is best for her. And I know that somehow, you will know.

    Hugs to you, dear friends.

  63. I am sorry too dear Jen. My prayers and my thoughts with you all. I had a very sad experience with my ex cat, she was cancer and I really don’t know what to say… But please be sure my heart with you dear Jen. Love, nia

  64. Makes me heartsick to read the diagnosis. If you do decide to go ahead with the surgery, I recommend massage for those arthritic joints. That’s what we did with our senior Tucker when he had his second ACL surgery. It really did help. Sending hugs and prayers.

  65. Oh DeDe!! I am so sorry to hear this!
    I am anxious to see what your mama will decide, I have no experience or info to share as I have never gone through this before…….my heart goes out to you all!
    ((warm husky hugz))
    “love is being owned by a husky”

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