In Praise of a Clean Litter Box

One of my least favorite chores is cleaning the litter boxes.

It’s a great workout, what with the emptying of the old litter and lugging it to the trash can.

Next there’s the scrubbing. And not just the bottom half of the box, either. I have some creative cat that manages to pee on the very top of the lid. How does he do that?

Oh, and the prep work is also back-breaking, what with the purchasing of the litter and hauling it inside.

Lord, this stuff is heavy!
Lord, this stuff is heavy!

But there is one upside. Those first couple of days after cleaning them makes for some easy scooping.

I purposely clean the boxes on a Sunday, so I can enjoy that glorious “first scoop” on a Monday morning.

I got big, roomy boxes so they wouldn’t feel cramped during the go…..

Now if only the cat would stop peeing on the lid….

44 thoughts on “In Praise of a Clean Litter Box

  1. This is my least favourite job too. We have two litter boxes one for each cat, (they share mind you) and they always make such a mess. Somehow DT always manages to miss. I will have to get litter trays with a lid, maybe that will help contain the mess.

  2. I don’t like the covers. They are designed to keep the smell down but they don’t work. Besides, that is the job of the litter. I use the very large storage containers instead. I started doing that because Chris was pooping on the floor and wanted to make it as easy as possible. I also use Dr. Eisley’s unscented litter, which is the least dusty I can find, and clean them less because they are twice as big as a standard litter box.

    1. No, the lids don’t stop the odor. They do cut down on the slinging of litter all over the place. And since I have to put them in several different rooms of my home, vacuuming up litter can get tiresome.

  3. I don’t mind all the cleaning and scooping – it’s the carrying of the bags of litter from the shops to home! Yes I walk that route (no car etc) and they’re so heavy! LOL! Sometimes I spend too much time thinking of how different ly my two cats use the litter too. Charlie who is nearly 12 is very neat, very tidy, does dainty little poops and wee and buries everything very neatly. Gumtree who is nearly 3 does everything big! EVERYTHING! And he is beyond MESSY. Litter everywhere. Absolutely no finesse! LOL!

    Happy New Year! Take care

  4. Is the one peeing on the lid male? Years back I adopted a Young maple ,I could not figure out where he was peeing,he pooped in the litter box. I went all over the house thinking he was peeing on the carpet. I happed to be passing the laundry room when I heard what sounded like peeing, was straddling a tall garbage can. I put a lid on the garbage can and took the lid off the litter box. That worked. His name was Psycho. Try placing a deep litter box next to the one in the picture. Males like to straddle the sides when they pee.

  5. There’s been one advertized on teevee lately. It’s self cleaning and uses some kind of non-disposable permanent litter. I’ll see if I can’t find a link.

  6. You might try putting baking soda on the bottom of the tray before the litter.
    I saw an ad on TV for light weight litter. That might help.

    The cats like a clean litter box too. I found that whenever I changed the litter, as soon as I walked out of the room, they ran and used the box.

  7. Good luck, I hope you will get a lot of good hints how you can handle that problem :o) Maybe that litter-robot can help? (if not it would be a good thingy for a funny animal related gifts post next christmas)

  8. I think you are in Florida and I don’t think you have Aldi stores there, but if you do, they have the best cat litter. Mom was a Tidy Cat lady her entire life until she found the clumping litter at Aldi, a lot less money and works as good or better than Tidy Cat…we have two cats, so it is well tested.

  9. Ooooh! my mom understand how you feel…because before she had a cat, she didn’t know anything about the litter box, but now she has four cats and each of them has some habit when they pee or poo….

  10. Lots of great litter choices that weigh less and are more eco-friendly. The cat has to like and use it of course, which is always the test! But Sweat-scoop (wheat) and corn and cedar litters are all lightweight and work well. And in case no one has mentioned it, lids can be an adventure in a multicat household. All is takes is one cat ambushing another cat in the box (with no escape) and you can have a peeing-around problem in no time!

  11. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY….. you have a cat that is like our DAD…. OL’ SURE SHOT…. We bow down to the POWER and AIM. WAY to…… “GO”… whoever it is!!!!

  12. OMD! I HATE cleaning the litter box as well…….gotta be one of the worst chores us human have to do! BOL!!
    That does look like a very roomy box! I have seen some pee in some pretty strange spots in the litter box as well, not entirely sure how they manage, but then again I think animals have been baffling us since the dawn of time BOL! :))
    ((husky hugz))
    “love is being owned by a husky”

  13. I know what you mean! I hate cleaning littler boxes, and I don’t have nearly as many cats as you do! I’m not sure if you have a Tractor Supply nearby or not (nor have I read all the comments so sorry if it was mentioned before) but they have some really inexpensive clumping and odor control litter for about $10 per 40lb container. That would be my only upside to cleaning the box is that the litter is inexpensive and works! My cats don’t seem to have an issue with it either, I know some are really picky about what litter they use. I’ve also managed to call the company to that makes it and the brand (Paws and Claws) is made and sourced here in the USA. Kevin is picky of where our pet products come from, and I know you are too.

    I only mentioned it since I saw the Tidy Cats containers, and I know how expensive they can be. ^_^ I used to purchase those myself until I found Paws and Claws.

  14. your gatos probablemente stay ENTERIOR most the year, but
    our catbox situation is seasonal! when it’s not cold and dark out (e.g., spring thru’ fall) they all prefer to “go” outside. now, (brrrr !) they HAVE TO go inside, and the rest-room attendant job is mine and much more frequent …

  15. Mozie is a male cat that is a neat freak now, he never used to be. He won’t use a dirty litter box and christens the freshly cleaned box immediately. He also will not go potty outside, he has to come in to do his business. Is it modesty? Nah! he is a male, he just wants to be a bother.

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