Why Do I Bother Writing This Blog?

Sometimes I ask myself why I continue to write a blog dedicated to the welfare of animals. Aren’t there plenty of other groups and people doing the same that are at least getting paid to carry that message? Am I nothing more than a minnow swimming in the ocean?

After all, if I were to write about something else, I could most likely turn it into a money-making venture. And that would certainly be nice.

And then I find myself in situations that remind me that the problem isn’t that I’m a small voice, but that there aren’t more of us raising our small voices, thus creating a mighty wave that crashes its’ message onto the shore.

You see, the problem isn’t that there aren’t people like me that care. And it’s not that there are people out there that could care less.

No, the problem is that there are many of you that do care, but keep your mouths shut.

one of the rare times Hissy has his mouth shut

Laws alone won’t turn a person’s heart. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for strengthening animal welfare laws. I think that they may not make people see animals differently, but they will discourage law-abiding citizens from acting outside of the law. And for some folks, it’s not about thinking themselves into better acting, but in acting their way into better thinking.

However, laws are only effective if they’re funded and enforced. And even then, most often it is up to the citizens to notify law enforcement when those laws are being broken. All too often, one or more of those things don’t happen.

There's nothing wrong with using what works for you to let your voice be heard.
There’s nothing wrong with using what works for you to let your voice be heard.

So we’re back to our school of minnows in this vast ocean. Let us resolve that we will no longer stand by and allow others to craft our message for us. We don’t need huge welfare agencies, business conglomerates, or publicity-seeking nut jobs speaking for us. What we need is for each of us to speak up for ourselves and for those who cannot speak in a language that we understand.

What? What was that you said? Speak up louder, please. I can’t hear you. 

35 thoughts on “Why Do I Bother Writing This Blog?

  1. We all need to speak out more and have our voices heard about whatever we are passionate about. I’m tired of the loud voices that speak hate and vitriol, while those people who speak sense and kindness remain silent. Write on! Speak loudly!

  2. Well said Rumpy..there is a lot of nasty vitriolic and hateful talk and all it does is put people off..more flies with honey than vinegar my grandma used to say..i speak I write and often in a private way..i find responses to be better when gentle but firm heads prevail…the power of one should not be underestimated.

  3. Sorry to hear you are frustrated writing your blog about animals. If you truly find writing your blog questionable then maybe a short vacation from it maybe in order. .

  4. Believe it or not, every little voice matters. And yes, I may not be your most avid visitor, but I can assure you that I hear you loud and clear.

    So here’s to animal advocacy from us tiny minnows in the sea.

  5. Amen. I have been thinking the same thoughts lately. I see people get all outraged and leave nasty comments when they see a story of animal abuse, but how many of them actually DO something to try and change it? Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Great post.

  6. Great post and a reminder that we all need. I am sharing this on my Twitter and Facebook. I hope that is one way to help get the message out there, and I hope sharing on social media is something that helps our voices get heard.

  7. I agree, and its great that you along with other champion those who can not speak for themselves… Each of us play our roles according to that passion which drives us…. Passion is what drives you.. … And I am glad you speak up.. Those who come here i know are mostly the converted… And yes more could be done by those who sit back and see suffering….
    I hope you keep bothering to write 🙂 xxx Hugs to you xxx Sue

  8. Wow! What a great post today!
    I like to think I do what I can to help our voiceless furry friends. I am sure there is always more that I could do tho!
    I am big on taking part in anyetitions going on and I often post of dog fighting cases to help raise awareness, but there more I could be doing, I’m sure your right! Very inspiring post today!
    ((Husky hugz))
    “Love is being owned by a husky”

  9. You answered your own question with the last line of your blog: “What we need is for each of us to speak up for ourselves and for those who cannot speak in a language that we understand.”

    It is people like you that speak up for those animals that do not speak our language. Without you where would they be?

    Keep speaking, they need you.
    Peace, love, and happiness to you!

  10. Thank you for what you do. You have taught me to question things that had never occurred to me. Think about what I eat and do and how things I buy can impact animals I claimed to care about. I don’t know if that is what you set out to do but you have changed things for me quite dramatically. I now speak out about things instead of keeping my head down and walking by.

    Whenever you question why you do this, I hope the fact that you may convert others like me is of comfort

    ~ Amy

  11. I speak out, not as much as I’d like due to time constraints, I also put the money I can where my mouth goes. Almost all of my donations go towards animal welfare. I appreciate your blog and find it very informative. It may even inspire me to take action in some cases.
    My blog however is a record of my dogs life and not a forum for anything else.
    Keep swimming little minnow! I can hear you!

  12. You keep on fighting the good fight! Some people do nothing but complain about animal cruelty because they feel helpless. Even if we can’t do everything, we can all do something. We can help bring public awareness of the cruelty of puppy mills; we can donate time, goods or money to local rescues or shelters; we can foster or adopt animals; we can share or crosspost on social media for adoptable animals or lost animals; we can teach people the humane way to train animals; support legislation to punish animal cruelty; report abuse whenever we see it and be responsible guardians of our own pets. I agree with you completely – we all need to do whatever we can. Thank you for your efforts 🙂

  13. I agree! And I believe we need to speak up anytime someone is trying to oppress the most vulnerable. Yes, that is certainly non-human animals. But I believe that hardening your heart to the suffering of animals allows you to also harm human animals. We need to see that compassion toward nature and all its creatures is equally valuable.

    Maybe if pet lovers stood up with environmentalists, environmentalists would speak up more against animal abuse, for example.

  14. Each one of our voices; each blog we do shows we care about the 4 leggeds everywhere; not just our own 4 leggeds. If we unite our voices we can make a mighty shour & that will be heard…it IS being heard!! We must continue to speak for those who cannot. We are making a difference!!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx

  15. Unreal post!
    All of our little voices can make a huge wave as long as we keep shouting out for more changes and speak up for those who cannot. All of us who passionately blog about animals and animal rights all make a difference – a unified voice carries a lot of power. Keep doing what you are doing, your voice is valuable and powerful.
    Have you ever read Bryce Courtney’s book “The Power of One”? it’s a powerful book and a true story, and shows how just one voice can and DOES make a huge difference.

  16. Before meeting you on social media, we never thought about animal welfaire so seriously we love animals though, Rumpy, but now we do. You make people think what we should do for animals….that is at least a small step….I hope…

  17. I blog, because I want to help in my way and I have to say that before I started blogging, I had no idea what animal welfare really meant and I’ve been astounded by the discussions I’ve come across online and offline. I just want to continue sharing our life with dogs – because it’s amazing – and I love the community I’ve discovered in the process 🙂

  18. My son has a pit bull rescue in WA state and he has recently gotten some really nasty remarks by some people who are out to destroy his rescue and others like him. Fortunately there are people – both 2 and 4 legged who can talk for those who can’t along with top notch rescuers who give these poor animals a chance for a forever happy and loving home. Every time there is one who cannot be saved, it tears our hearts apart. Then we look at the photos of those who have been fortunate to be saved and a new lease on life, I also cry for those like DeDe who are no longer with you. It is losing a child/family member, not “just a dog”. DeDe was a super child and we as blog readers and supporters of you and yours will always remember what DeDe had to say. Thank you for your continued writings. We are always looking forward to what is new from your children. Keep your chin up as well as all your kids.

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