Some People are Just Plain Mean

Sometimes people are just plain mean. 

This past week we learned that puppies at an animal rescue in Scottsboro, Alabama, were poisoned with antifreeze after someone scaled two fences, one of which was 6 feet high, and put antifreeze in their water bowl. At present, one of the puppies is still hanging on.

poisoned puppy
one of the puppies poisoned

Also, someone shot an emu at Rikki’s Refuge in Virgina. Bullet went into Mary’s thigh, breaking the bone and causing massive bleeding. Mary died within minutes.

Mary the emu died after being shot in the thigh
Mary the emu died after being shot in the thigh

In each case, there’s a reward for information leading to an arrest of the person or persons responsible. 

Harming or killing animals is not funny. It’s not cute. It’s cruel. People who harm animals in this way will soon have no qualms about doing the same to a human.

If you have knowledge of any person who willfully harms an animal, report it to your local law enforcement officials. And if they don’t do anything, call the news media. 



36 thoughts on “Some People are Just Plain Mean

  1. People can be incredibly cruel…..they can also be incredibly wonderful – so sad some choose the cruel pathway….hard to imagine why they do though. Makes me sad AND mad…..


  2. “Mean” is a euphemism. People who are deliberately cruel to animals, as in the stories above, are deeply disturbed!

  3. Sadly there are some seriously soul deprived individuals who lack any form of empathy with’s a small step from cruelty to animals to cruelty to humans..i feel nothing for these people…they don’t deserve my energy…I always report and I have always stepped in …I have slept better at night for it..

  4. I think it says a lot about somebody who would do something like this. To lack empathy for creatures, no matter how small, shows a complete lack of humanity. Hearing this sort of thing truly disgusts me. I wish the worst for people who do this, and I hope one day they are able to experience some insight into how depraved and evil their actions truly are.

  5. Why do people do this sort of thing? I don’t understand. Maybe I don’t want to understand. My husband says I should never discount the possibility of pure evil. Perhaps he is wiseer than I.

  6. Rumpy, you are right, some people are just plain mean or evil. These people are disgusting. When they are caught they need to be given comparable treatment.

  7. There are always horrible people out there. Luckily, they’re a slim minority (although they do a lot of damage).

    Besides reporting bad people, we need to keep animals out of harm’s way. I was so upset when a business person I knew used a dog to guard his lumber yard after being robbed several times. Of course the burglars poisoned the dog to get what they wanted.

    I understand his struggles to keep his property safe. But there’s no way any dog would be safe under those circumstances. And a dog has fewer means to escape from danger than a human security guard.

    1. . Luckily, they’re a slim minority (although they do a lot of damage).

      I think that’s a trenchant point, and it’s precisely BECAUSE these people cause a lot of damage (and because sensational stories carry like the wind) that it seems they’re more plentiful than they really are. I think it’s right to stay vigilant for those two-legged monsters who really ARE bad, but to remember that they’re a sad, sorry minority.

  8. Things like this make me physically ill. What was the goal of this? Why would anyone want to poison a puppy or shoot an Emu for that matter?

  9. Case histories have shown that serial killers often began their evil ways by abusing or killing animals. The killers are amoral, have no compassion or feelings for others. I do hope the perpetrators are caught.

  10. These are events that make me despair for the future of mankind. It has always been good striving against evil, but lately it seems even more necessary. Perhaps it’s just improved global communication. Bless the people who do even one thing to stop this cruelty.

  11. Yow Rumpy why wuud anone WANT to posion poochiez or kill a EMU?? Dey iz jsut innycent creeturez!!! me n Mum zi furreeuss over diz!! We hopez sumone nose sumfing n da EVIL peeple are brott to justice…
    Hissy Fit iz gonna have a hayday wif deze newz itemz…
    Phank KATGOD we iz safe wif our Mumz 😉
    Lub Nylablue xx

  12. Sick and evil creatures they are, to inflict such pain and suffering on any animal is impossible to understand. I hope they catch them and that they’re lack of humanity comes back at them tenfold.

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