Wordless Wednesday

Power’s on but internet is out. Here’s a few pics of our winter weather “event” from Dothan Alabama.






22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’m hearing that some areas of the deep south got a lot more snow; we’re used to it here, but it’s insane that all that ice and snow hit you! Stay warm and safe – glad you still have power!

  2. brrrrr there, too! (Snow has no function if it’s not on mountains and I’m not on skies…oh, OK it adds moisture to the ground and fight droughts….but brrrrrrr!)
    Hope the power comes back and you have a gas heater/stove/fireplace. Warm fur is so cozy so huddle up?

  3. Maybe you can earn some money from your power of snow. Since snow follows you, go to a city they absolutely don’t want snow. Offer not to move there is they pay you.

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