Best News I Heard All Week!

I’ve been thinking about what to do with the blog on Sundays, now that DeDe is no longer here to dish out her beauty advice.

Little Girl offered to take over, and perhaps later she will, but the rest of us said we’re not ready for that yet.

Little Girl poses
See, I know a thing or two about beauty!

Then Bubba had an idea of posting the best news of the week for animals.

The rest of us thought that was a great idea, and we’re sure DeDe would have approved.

So without further ado, we present our new segment- that we haven’t figured out a name for yet. 

Have a title suggestion for this new feature? Leave it in the comments below!

This week we talk about what’s missing from the Farm Bill, namely the King Amendment.

The King Amendment would have banned states from enacting laws that regulated how agricultural animals are cared for. Seems the egg industry was upset that some states wanted better living conditions for the laying hens, and got King on board to help them mandate the use of battery cages. But it appears there was little support for King’s amendment, and it was flushed out of the law. Hooray!

And as an added bonus, the Farm Bill includes an amendment that makes it a crime to attend or to bring a child to an animal fight. That means law enforcement will now be able to arrest those that attend cock fights, dog fights, and other animal fighting events. Folks are less likely to go if it means they’ll get arrested, which will dry up the demand. And if there’s no demand for dog fighting, there will be fewer dog fights.


41 thoughts on “Best News I Heard All Week!

  1. I agree. I miss DeDe but I have her advice, the best thing to wear is a smile, printed out and taped on my computer. I think this new idea comes close to that advice. Good news about animals and animal welfare is a great way to wear a smile. Hugs to you all. Keep up the good work!

      1. She was a true role model for me. I let people know that in a post I did about my choices for the new year. It is the peace that most leads and survives in the lessons it teaches.

  2. I think that Bubba’s post sounds great idea! I also want to read about Little Girl’s beauty tip, too! as now I miss DeDe’s wonderful beauty tip and Litle Girl looks so pretty like DeDe! Hmmm….How about ” Bubba’s voice” for the name of Bubba’s post?

  3. Wonderful idea! DeDe is smiling, I’m sure. She was all abpout a smile and a positive message, so mission accomplished! I kind of like today’s title for the permanent title. The Best News I Heard All Week.

    Love and Licks,

  4. I was going to suggest “Simply The Week’s Best News”; but I like Renée’s “Bubba’s Best” even better. Glad to read that you are honoring DeDe by keeping her advice taped to your computer. I’m sure she is smiling down on you in approval.

  5. I love this idea! We need a day when we can hear GOOD stuff……and smile…..just like DeDe wanted us to do! “Bubba’s Best Stuff” or anything you think expresses the positive works for us…..just happy to hear it!

    Hugs, Sammy

  6. thank goodness.. why would they even WANT to make a law that the chooks have to be in battery cages, I don’t even understand the premise.. that is indeed good news.. c

    1. It’s really about a new California law that goes into effect next year. The state says to sell eggs there you hafta prove your hens have larger cages. Other ag states didn’t like that and got King to present the amendment.

  7. You always come up with good topics Rumpy, so I have no doubt that your Sunday issue will be good too. M says she appreciates the education on some of this stuff too.

  8. It’s always so great to hear some good news!!
    I saw some variations in the comments, but did anyone actually say “Bubba’s Best News of the Week”? I just combined what others’ said….everyone had good suggestions, and I think it’s a great idea for Sundays.

  9. Little Girl is so pretty! DeDe would be wiggling over this idea – she was tailwagin’ happy and the thought of her sweet face still makes me smile.
    Please contact your Senators to make sure the Farm Bill that passes the Senate does not include the King Amendment and does keep the part that makes it criminal to attend animal fights…and maybe get rid of the Christmas tree tax that was stuffed back in at the last minute….and keep part that meat and veggie must have country of origin on them…do you know where your chicken nuggets come from? China? It’s a massive bill
    The bill isn’t done yet – must pass the Senate.
    King (Iowa) is determined to get his amendment back in (Big factory farms backing it.)
    CA is trying to insist all chickens have enough room to spread out their wings and not touch another chicken. Other states’ laws are at risk also. (see my blog post on “Chicken on the wing. Kingless” with the truck image on the top for how to contact your senators.)
    Thanks for making people aware of the King Amendment!

  10. I think you’re right, DeDe would approve. It was the best news I hearD all week too. As soon as I heard the Farm Bill passed I rushed to check and see if the King Amendment was in it. So very happy it is not.
    Have a good Sunday Jen.

  11. Bubba’s Best iz a grrreat name!!
    N we iz glad dat fitez are beein dun away wif!!! Me n Mum hatez da idea of animalz n birdz beein made to fite…pawfull….just like da runnin of da bullz….pawfull…
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxo

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