Monday Came Back, and I’m Sad

It’ may be Presidents Day, but it’s still Monday. *sigh*

Monday’s like a tick…..

I’m headed back to the vet today to get my teeth cleaned.

I’m starving because I haven’t had anything to eat or drink since 8 PM last night. I think that’s unfair because I’m not going to feel like eating AFTER they pull my tooth, so I should be able to eat BEFORE!

Jen won’t admit it, but I know she’s stressing and hoping that everything will turn out alright.

Taking a deep breath…..

I’m stressing too.

42 thoughts on “Monday Came Back, and I’m Sad

  1. Keeping my hooves crossed for you my friend. Not being able to eat is tough. Hopefully afterwards you’ll get everything you want as a treat. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Isaiah wishes you the best – he had his teeth cleaned and lost 3, but he says it was worth it cause he can eat much easier and with no pain. I am sure you will be fine and will be back to eating your cookies in no time.

  3. I’ll be keeping my paws crossed that all goes smoothly for you, Rumpy. I hope your mouth recovers quickly, but if you need somedog to eat cookies for you for a day or two – let me know!

  4. Getting rid of something that makes you hurt or feel bad is sometimes the best thing for you. It will hurt for a while and then you’ll feel better and be happier.

    Be happy it’s Monday. You won’t need to suffer another day. Also- you’ll get canned food for a while longer. 🙂
    Hugs and licks.

  5. Awww, I hate when I can’t give them their breakfast the morning of a procedure. They just give me a look like “…Well, where is breakfast?”

    Good luck at the teeth cleaning! It’s a necessary evil sometimes.

  6. Fasting is the worst part. I always feel bad when I have to withhold food from one of my critters for some vet trip. The other three suffer too because I can’t keep anything out.

  7. I had to have a tooth pulled a couple of weeks ago. but I’m all better now!! The yucky only lasts a few days but the good part afterwards lasts much much longer. Keep strong for Jen. She’s been through a lot and needs you to be a good strong Rumpy. You’ll be able to eat soon and in a few days, will be back to tearing up chewies. Hugs to you and Jen.

    1. No, Cupcake. I couldn’t get it done. My bloodwork showed liver problems and they were afraid to anesthetize me. We have to figure out what’s causing that first.

  8. Maybe after having a tooth pulled, your mouth will feel better and you’ll get lots of sympathy nums. Sending you big hugs!

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