Poem: When the Dog is Unwell

As you know, i went to the vet Monday to have my teeth cleaned and a tooth pulled.

What you may not know is they were unable to do either one.

Seems my liver enzymes were through the roof, and the vet was hesitant to anesthetize me.

So I’m on meds to try to lower those levels, which means another visit to the vet in a couple of weeks.

Jen is freaking, because she wasn’t expecting this so soon after DeDe left us. Here is a poem she wrote to put a voice to some of what she’s feeling.

Blue Pup is commiserating with me.

When the dog is unwell,
I feel like hell.
I worry and I cry.
I wonder if he’ll die.
What if I can’t pay
for the treatment prescribed?

I never know the road to take,
the right choice to make.
I guess, then second-guess.
If only I knew what to do!

Would I be able to say no,
and just let you go?
How could I, when I love you so.

The answers do not come in absolutes.
The latest science refutes
yesterday’s givens.
Tomorrow will prove wrong today.
So I pray, choose,
and guilt quiets the internal dispute.

If only it was easer to tell
what to do when the dog is unwell.


84 thoughts on “Poem: When the Dog is Unwell

  1. Sweet Rumpy, do your best and get well soon!!! Order your liver enzymes to behave!!!
    Jen, please don’t worry – think positive [sounds easier than done, I know, but it’s very important for both of you] and it’ll all be well. Sending you my warmest wishes and a healing kiss to Rumpy!

  2. Rumpy, tell Jen, the poem expresses what so many of us feel when our pet is sick. I hope your iver enzymes plummet and you can have your tooth remove. A toothache is the pits. Hugs and licks from us in NYC.

  3. I went through something similar with Mojo over a year ago. I was told he’d got to the end, and that the best thing was to put him down. But he pulled through, despite the bleak prognosis, AND with no major treatment of any kind required. We celebrated his first year of not-being-deadness a few weeks back. So there is hope, and I hope it goes that way for you too.

  4. Hope they helps you Rumpy! I need toof cleaning too but need to get my thyroid levels correct first. Tell Jen she just needs to follow her heart as much as her head she will know the right thing to do when she needs to make these choices.

  5. Oh Rumpy….please get well soon….I’m sending strong energy to you to get recover your liver level. Please be strong for Jen… She needs you….we also need you Rumpy….you’re in my thoughts…I’m praying for you.
    Rumpy…I love you. Hugs

  6. I agree with your Jen’s poem. That’s the hell, when the”dog is unwell”. And the worst is when we can’t do something. I hope the meds will help you and you feel better soon. 87 hugs&healing kisses to you, Rumpy.

  7. Poor Rumpy! Get well soon sweetie. (((Hugs))) to you and mum Jen. It’s hard not to worry, I know from personal experience. Jen, you’ve always done everything you can for your beautiful pets, keep going girl, there’s no other option. Praying for you both x

  8. Poor Rumpy 😦 We’re all here pulling for you, we’ve had anesthesia troubles here in the past before. Hopefully you get those enzyme levels down so you can have your teeth taken care of.

  9. My brother recommended I might like this blog.
    He was totally right. This post actually made my day.
    You cann’t imagine just how much time I had
    spent for this info! Thanks!

  10. that’s a good doctor, keeping the risks down. I think you’ll pull through. I think chicken noodle soup can cure lots of things 🙂 we’ll be wishing you well Rumpy!
    -Chloe and Holly

  11. Rumpy, we Mals are stubborn and like to hide our pain to not worry our AlphaMama’s! We send much much wuvwuvwuv and healing light to youwoowooooo! Ku
    p.s. Maybe Jen could ask fur donations thru the bloggy to help pay fur treatment?

  12. Oh that was such a heartfelt poem! Jen you are so clever and sincere when you write your poems!
    Poor Rump! I’m feelin for ya buddy!
    I read on fb that you couldn’t have it done due to those issues!
    Nothing seems to go right ever huh?
    Well try and have yourselves a good day :/
    ((husky hugz))
    frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky

  13. Scotties deal with elevated liver enzymes all of the time. With the Sam-E and Milk Thistle, mom made a potion of cod,sweet potatoes,& zucchini. It might help.

  14. Phantom gets Marin for his liver, but Mom is having a terrible time getting it into him. He won’t chew the pill, he knows it is in anything she has tried for hiding, and he vomits it back up if she puts it down his throat. She even cuts it in four pieces but nothing seems to work:( We sure hope whatever your meds are they do the trick for you and your liver.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. You too, Rumpy? I’m so sorry. I hope they figure out what’s wrong and get you right back on track! Oh, and please tell Jen that Lynda loved her poem. She knows exactly how she feels!

    Thank you for visiting with me today,
    (aka: the Little Dog of the Farmlet.)

  16. Dear Rumpy, so sorry to hear this! Hope the meds kick in real soon and you feel better. Wishing you and Jen the best. Remember, a lot of people are rooting for you. xox
    P.S. Hope the tooth that has to come out doesn’t hurt!

  17. We are so sad you aren’t feeling well and have 2 problems – your liver and your teeth. We hope both are soon distant memories and we’ll be purring for you in the meantime. Your poem tells so clearly the fears faced by every loving pet parent. We want to do the best, hope we can afford it and wish we learn from this experience and know what to look for next time. Good luck!

  18. Dear Rumpy and Jen, Sending prayers that the medicine handles it. We’re in your corner sending lots of love and understanding. Jen’s poignant poem got us all emotional–all us animal lovers, mom’s of fur babies, relate all too well. Love, Paulette & gang

  19. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Oh Jen this poem is so poignant & beautiful & I can relate with what I am going thru with Nylablue even tho she is a cat…it does not matter the species tho’, does it?? I tis the feeling of being powerless & unsure of what is the RIGHT thing to do. I say follow your intution; listen to the small quiet voice inside.
    I am praying for Rumpy to respond to the medication & to get better soon so he can have that bad tooth removed!!!
    I know this is so soon after DeDe’s departure……I am sending you prayers & hope of peace during this difficult time!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen xoxo

  20. Wow Jen your poem is wonderful. I went through this with my Samoyed Oskar and I understand the fear and frustration. So sorry this comes so close to your losing DeDe, it makes it even scarier. Keeping you and Rumpy in our prayers and sending you positive karma and strength.
    Marty’s Mom

  21. Sweet Rumpy we are so sorry to hear this. We hope the meds are working and all will be well with you very soon. Sending up prayers for you and Jen. Hugs and nose kisses

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