My Dog Really DOES Understand Me!

“My dog listens to me.”

“He seems to know what I’m saying.”

“She understands me.” 

You said cookie. I know you just said cookie.

Dog lovers have always known this. But guess what? Now there’s science to back it up!

Researchers with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences studied MRIs of dogs taught to lie still in the machines, and then compared them to humans.

The findings? Dogs, like humans, can hear emotion in communication. That’s why your dog knows how you’re feeling- he can hear it!

Not surprisingly, dogs’ brains respond more to sounds than to voices. Maybe that’s why your dog barks at things you don’t seem to hear.

The researchers learned that dogs have similar capabilities to process social information. This could mean that at some point in the future, humans and dogs will be able to communicate verbally!

No point in studying whether cats listen to us or not.
No point in studying whether cats listen to us or not.

42 thoughts on “My Dog Really DOES Understand Me!

  1. I saw that study and thought of you. 🙂 that’s wonderful news…proves all the dog lovers right. I do believe domestic animals react to sound, so cats are covered no need to study them. 🙂

  2. I saw the story and laughed. They are late to the party. I have cats and they know what’s going on. I had one cat that would throw herself on me purring when I cried. Another cat ate my divorce papers (and that’s the only thing in the mail she ate). No one can convince me that they aren’t tuned in even if sometimes they don’t want to be involved. After all, they are cats.

  3. Well Rumpy, I am so glad that scientists have finally been able to validate what all of us have known all this time. Maybe now that things have been reported, graphed, proven, they may finally accept the truth. Of course, some biped yutz someplace will now propose a study to the opposite…..LOL. Humans are strange critters. As a human, I can say that without reservation. And scientists are the strangest critters. We all need to be more like dogs (and sometimes cats). If so, I think this world would be a better place.

  4. I totally agree. The dog I had while going thru a divorce would always come sit by me and put his head in my lap if I was crying, they know. As for cats, anything that crinkles like the sound of a Whiska’s package has them running. They have what I’d refer to as selective hearing.

  5. This is Purrime Ministerettes. We understanding staff very well. We just getting back to them at earliest convenience. We has to reign over Planet Purrth first and since this is very tiring, we needing many naps so what does them staff thinking….pff.

  6. Could u imagine just sitting around having a conversation with your dog? That would be so perfect!!!
    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have conversations with my dogs all the time! Even when it is just me and them in the house. BOL!
    ((Husky hugz))
    Frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky

  7. So true…….I understand my flatmates Dave and Penny pretty much most of the time, however they still have a bit of trouble understanding me at times……….and thats after some pretty intense training with them. I don’t think I have an accent that would make it difficult………….but then you never know eh!

  8. I agree they can hear it but there’s more to it than that. Deaf dogs “hear” too. And the way dogs communicate with each other. I have seen two dogs go over to a third, sleeping, wait until he wakes, then they look at each other — some kind of communication occurs — and the three go off together, usually to bark at something. My dogs know when I don’t feel well and they apparently sense where it hurts. After many surgeries, my dogs have never stepped on an incision. They are very gentle with people who are sick as I’m sure you’ve noticed. They sense many things, far beyond just what your voice registers. And some dogs are much smarter and more sensitive than others. A couple of dogs I’ve had were absolute geniuses … and a few, not so smart (but not less sweet).

  9. Seems to me that they could have saved the money and just ask any dog owner/lover. We could have told them that when we cry, our dogs sense we need comfort and they give it. We know dogs learn words and BJ reacts to the tone in my voice. We communicate through facial expressions. A smile from me elicits a tail wag.

  10. Great blog Rumpy & Jen!!! Dogs are very good listeners…they make great therapy animals….
    Cats listen; they evaluate & then they for the most part continue on with their agendas…it is a good thing I think like a cat, lol…
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

  11. It is never a question of whether animals can speak, but whether humans can hear them; I too have had the privilege of verbal communication with a few very evolved animals, as well as communicating with all animals in all ways, using The Animal/Human Interlink based on MIndLink taught through The System of Animal Therapy.

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