Why is Rumpy Dog So Happy?

Why is this dog so happy?
Why is this dog so happy?

Because his liver enzyme levels were back to normal, so tomorrow he will have his teeth cleaned and tooth extracted. Hooray!

And because there are cookies in his future!

45 thoughts on “Why is Rumpy Dog So Happy?

  1. Woohoo!!! I’m glad that your liver level got normal, Rumpy!!! Good lucks with tomorrow’s teeth cleaning and tooth extract! your smile makes us happy! 🙂
    P.S I like the first picture which Malachi secretly looking at the camera! hee hee….

  2. Good news. It is so nice when our fur children can be cared for in a way to help them. I just got the word my Silky terrier needs surgery on a cancerous tumor. This is always worrisome, but necessary. She is the happiest dog and no need to give her up until we try everything.

  3. Good going Rumpy. Good luck with the extraction. Not having a tooth ache will make you happier still. AND when that heals, having cookies will make you still happier. I sense a dance routine coming.

  4. Oh sweet little Rumpy, we’re so happy for you! Woo hoo! That’s really great news! 🙂 We wish you all the best for tomorrow, sweetie! Have a PURRFECT weekend! xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

  5. That is great news. happy tooth cleaning and then smiles and treats.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Yow sweet Rumpy we are furinally back online n wanted to pop over wif best wishez n gentle ~~head rubz`~~ after da dental surgery…me n Mum hope ya iz reecoverin well tonite n will bee guud as new in a day or two…
    Much lub frum me Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

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