Vet Visits for Worry Worts

Today Rumpy heads to the vet to have his teeth cleaned and the problem tooth removed. I’m so glad.

I’ll be glad to see him not moping around on the back porch.

And I’m worried.

I always worry when there’s anesthesia involved.

I worry about complications with the extraction.

Or problems that might arise as he heals.

What if he doesn’t come home?




Then I tell myself I’m being silly. Rumpy will be fine, and soon he’ll be back to his old self, running and romping and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Can’t wait for him to resume his zoomies.

But for now, I’ll worry.

50 thoughts on “Vet Visits for Worry Worts

  1. You can worry a little, that’s probably good for you – you care. Don’t get yourself into tizzy about it. Give Rumpy positive thoughts and hugs for extra strength.

    I had my tooth pulled and it was the best thing. No more pain and I could eat on both sides of my mouth. And, once it heals you’ll be able to lots of cookies. Tell Jen not to be stingy with the cookies. You’ve been through a lot and cookies console us more than anything.
    love, BJ Pup

  2. Well it would be more remarkable if you did not worry. We always expect the worst because we all know a little just enough to scare us whitless. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I am sure all will be well and Rumpy will be home and zooming soon as!
    😉 xxx

  3. Rumpy will be fine, but I know you will still worry until you pick him up from the vet. I’d be the same; we’re just worry worts!
    Good luck Rumpy, see you back home soon.

  4. I am sure Rumpy will fine. You are entitled to worry – it part of your job because you love him/her. When I had Isaiah’s teeth cleaned and had 3 removed, I took the day off. Isaiah was fine and in fact put on weight afterwards. Rumpy will be fine and just think how sweet his breath will smell (hopefully)

  5. Rumpy is strong!!! He loves you, Jen so he surly will be fine and comes back to you!!! He can’t wait for seeing your face and kitties!

  6. Yup, waiting for surgeries of any kind is nerve wracking. There’s lots of positive energy sent your way from many directions – we’re all thinking good thoughts for you!

  7. I get nervous every time the cats go to the vet or anytime I’m away from home overnight. let’s face we love & adore our fur kids. xoxoxoxo

  8. I do the same then when my Dakota goes under as well. I worried when he got fixed, and again when he had his teeth done last year, and I’ll do it again when he gets his teeth done again in a few weeks.

  9. EXACTLY RIGHT: “Rumpy will be fine, and soon he’ll be back to his old self, running and romping and enjoying all that life has to offer.”!!!!!! + with a great new smile!!!! 🙂

  10. Right there with you Jen. I always fret when any of our cats, young or old need anesthesia. Savvy just had her first dental with an extraction of one of her front canines because it was fractured and the root was exposed. She came through it fine…except….now she is having constipation problems which she has never had before…sheesh…not idea if it is all linked. I know Rumpy will be home and smiling his beautiful smile. Paw hugs, Mom Linda and Savannah

  11. Don’t forget, you’ll be woozie after you wake up and may not be able to swallow so wait a while before you chomp on those treats Rumpy! Don’t drink either, you might puke. Good luck, you’ll be back to normal soon!

  12. Mom worries like crazy, so she purposely plans a super busy agenda when we have a procedure done so she doesn’t think about it as much. He will be fine…hopefully heal up quickly too.

  13. I know how you feel. When Coco goes to the vet, I have trick myself into almost forgetting about the appointment, just so I won’t worry. Luckily, she’s one healthy brown baby!

  14. Dear Jen: i can understand your worry over Rumpy…it is perfectly natural….I am sure rumpy will be fine & the surgery will go well. However until he is back with you I know you will worry…it proves just how much we LOVE our 4 leggeds!!! They mean so much to us don’t they??
    Here’s a B-I-G {{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}} for you & a *kiss* for Rumpy from Nylablue 🙂

  15. It is easy to worry with our pets…I hate that I can’t talk to them…or maybe the other way around…so I know what is going on with them

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