Clean Teeth!!!

Hooray! My teeth are clean!

This is the before and after shot taken during my cleaning!
This is the before and after shot taken during my cleaning!
and this is the tooth they removed!
and this is the tooth they removed!
Here you can see where my tooth was broken
Back at home! YAY!
Back at home! YAY!

I am on antibiotics and pain meds for a few days, but I should soon be back to my old, charming self.

Thanks to everyone for their support, their prayers, and their warm wishes! You guys ROCK!

64 thoughts on “Clean Teeth!!!

  1. So glad it all went well, Rumpy, and you got rid of that nasty tooth. I hope you are feeling back to your old self very soon!

  2. Well done Rumpy!!!! I’m so glad to see you look fine!!! Your teeth also look very clean! I hope you feel better soon and have lots of cookies!!!! love from Kevin xxx

  3. JT’s are horrible and she gets what I think is the very best 😦 hope you feel better soon.

      1. Yeah, those back teeth are firmly implanted, and usually it takes some work to get them out of there. But the vet said his tooth was easy to get out, so it was in bad shape.

  4. Rumpy I’m so happy, you are home and all went well. Have a wonderfull weekend, I hope you will be 100% Rumpy soon and the fur on your paw will grow back in zilch, I’m sure.

  5. it’s really ridiculously worrisome and unbearable when our buddies are hurting;
    I’m so glad Rumpydog is all done with the dental work and on the road to recovery!

  6. My cats have their teeth cleaned around age 8 or so and then not again (because of old age and anesthesia). Jake (age 16) only has 2 teeth left but that doesn’t stop him from savoring his food (or killing the occasional old mouse that comes in his poor vision). So glad it went well and glad they have pain meds for you. Last year one of my cats had surgery and it’s the first time they gave me pain meds (for the cat not me). It makes a world of difference.

  7. BJ: “My what clean teeth you have.”
    Rumpy: “All the better to eat cookies with.”
    (Writing license from Red Riding Hood._

    Your teeth are beautiful now. I can see why they needed to remove that bad, ugly tooth.

  8. Ouch…poor Rumpy, I bet your glad that’s over with. Mr. Cheddar sends headbonks too! His teeth never seem to get dirty, they look so good. I guess he’s a lucky guy in that respect. 😉

    Take care, hugs, G and Mr. C.

  9. Looks like a seriously good job done by your vet Rumpy! A day or two of soft yummy food and you’ll be right as rain. Looking forward to a grinning pic of your pearly whites 😀

  10. Mouseiz me missed diz post Rumpy!! Bery sowwy **blushy earz**
    Yow ya had sum tartar on dem teefiez…me had it so bad da teefiez were ternin black….not Mum’z came to her like dat!!
    Yer Mum iz grrreat to make shure da bad teefiez reemoved n den get yer teefiez all cleened n lubly lookin! We hopez ya iz over da werst n bouncin back to yer cute rumpy slef.
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxo

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