Buffalo Foretell Volcanic Eruption at Yellowstone?

I tell ya, some people will believe anything!

On March 20th, some yahoo posted a video on YouTube claiming it captured buffalo in Yellowstone Park “running for their lives!” Ten days later that 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit, and now the video has gone viral and all sorts of people now think there’s going to be a supervolcano eruption in the park.

Courtesy of Tom McHugh/Yellowstone National Park/National Park Service
Photo by Tom McHugh/Yellowstone National Park/National Park Service and posted in Christian Science Monitor

Why do people even care?

Well, it has something to do with the fact that the first eruption of that supervolcano shot lava that covered half of North America. Lots of living things died.

So that’s a great reason to be aware IF the darn thing was going to erupt.

But it’s not.

At least not according to every leading volcano expert in the world.

graphic from geology.com
graphic from geology.com

But I know that some of you won’t believe them, and why should you? Just because they’ve got far more education and experience with volcanoes than you, right? And you have a video of buffalo running that PROVES the volcano is going to erupt!

Except the buffalo are actually running TOWARD the volcano.

32 thoughts on “Buffalo Foretell Volcanic Eruption at Yellowstone?

  1. Let’s see…didn’t PT Barnum say something to the effect that a fool is born every minute? What the buffalo are really running from are idiots chasing them saying, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

  2. I believe animals can detect tremors and such way before humans. I recent tsunamis animals sought higher ground before it struck. The animal were safe. Seems to me humans should learn from them.

  3. The last known eruption of the Yellowstone volcano was around 1350 B.C., which places it within the time frame of human occupation of North America. But, the last known “super-volcanic” eruption occurred some 640,000 years ago. Tremors and earthquakes are common in Yellowstone, but the last major temblor – measuring 7.3 – happened in 1959. We never know what nature will do, so we can only hope for the best and make certain we have no outstanding credit card debt.

  4. I saw in some documentary that before the tsunami struck the Philippines,wasn´t that the big one some year ago?, anyways that animals where the first to start hiking their way up the mountain as if saying something is not right here and maybe it´s better to get the hell out. Yeah, I do believe that animals are more sensitive or can predict some kind of natural disaster. Not all, but some at least. Why? Don´t have a clue. I´ll ask my dog.

      1. Right, it´s a very short time before. So that´s good for me since I won´t have to worry too much if my two dogs start acting even stranger than what they allready are.

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