Dog Fighting in the News! #NDFAD

Today is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day! The ASPCA is asking us all to talk up the issue to make everyone aware of the cruelty of dog fighting and help find solutions that will end this barbaric practice.

Yesterday I shared with you some facts about dog fighting. Today, here are three dogfighting-related stories in this week’s news:

I can't stress to you how important it is to not leave dogs outside unsupervised. My neighbors tease Jen about doing it, but she refuses to budge.
I can’t stress to you how important it is to not leave dogs outside unsupervised. My neighbors tease Jen about always being out with me, but she refuses to budge.

On 4/4/14, 26-year-old Jennifer Kelly pled guilty to 4 counts of aggravated animal cruelty in Tallapoosa, Alabama, County Court. She was sentenced to 3 years for each charge, but in a plea agreement, will serve 10 months in jail and 3 years on probation. She must also pay fines to cover the care of the dogs that were removed from the property during the November, 2013, raids.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on 4/3/14, law enforcement raided several places and arrested 13 people in connection with a dog fighting ring. They also recovered 22 dogs. The arrests were the result of an investigation that went on for several years.

In Buffalo, New York, 34-year-old Shanon Richardson recently pled not guilty to 6 counts of animal cruelty. He was arrested last December and police rescued 4 dogs from the property. Richardson worked in the Buffalo Police Department jail. Sadly, one of the rescued dogs has gone missing and may have been stolen by dog fighters.

14 thoughts on “Dog Fighting in the News! #NDFAD

  1. I feel so sorry for this dogs, I’ve read it’s very difficult to reintegrate this dogs or to give them a new home. I can’t understand how people can like to watch fights, who has fun to see violence and blood? That’s sick.

  2. I didn’t know that we had still “dog fighting ” in Japan….but we know that ” Tosa Inu Dog” is one of the breeds that human raise it as one of the fighter dogs…. 😦

  3. Glad justice is seeing daylight in some places. We’ve got a really big case still under investigation in Ventura County with the 17 dogs that were confiscated still in criminal hold. The county is in an uproar about the man raising them to fight and equally in an uproar that the investigation is taking so long!

  4. We’re counting on an especially negative experience for all dog fighters, this life or the next.

  5. Pawfull Hu’manz who make dogz fight…me iz so sad fer da poochiez!!
    Apawz Apawz fer da GUUD Hu”manz who are bustin da bad peeple n stoppin further abusez to da poochiez,,,,
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxo

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