The Latest on Bubba Cat

Here’s the latest with Bubba.

The three days he took Onsior, he did well.  Then several days later he was back to his old fearful self.

Saturday morning he peed in the cat bed.

Saturday night he peed in Jen’s bed. Uh oh!

Sleepy little Bubba Cat

So Monday morning Jen called the vet and talked options.

Bubba started the Adequan shots Monday afternoon. He’ll get two a week for four weeks, then a maintenance shot once a month. At approximately $25 a shot, it’s doable. He’ll also take Onsior as needed, and no more frequently than every other day while the Adequan has time to work.

If the Adequan doesn’t help him, there’s not much else Jen can realistically do for him. So despite her misgivings about using this drug, she is, and she’s hoping it can offer him some healing that will bring about pain relief.

He's hanging with the Rumpster!
That silly kitty!

In other news, Bubba has decided I’m to be his new best friend. Whenever I’m in the room he comes running to me, and he likes to hang out beside me. I don’t encourage such behavior, but I’m not actively discouraging it either.

48 thoughts on “The Latest on Bubba Cat

    1. Jen is thinking he’s doing it out of fear because he’s in pain. Because he wasn’t acting fearful when he was on the Onsior. But Onsior is a post-op med and can’t be used long-term for pain relief.

  1. It is nice that you are being Bubba’s friend ,I think he needs you right now ,I also think he feels secure around you.So thanks for being his friend..<3

  2. Thank you for the update. Since Bubba lost DeDe he needs a friend and is probably still in mourning. It’s good that you are accepting him. One more thing you can do for him – give him lots of hugs and licks for me.

  3. Dearest Rumpy. Thank you for posting this update about Bubba, as our household has been wondering. C is so happy that you have been able to be of some comfort to Bubba during this difficult time; challenging periods really show us who we love, and who loves us. Although the feline members of this household always object to ideas that are not their own, upon being polled, they strongly feel that Bubba should cooperate with Jen in regards to her efforts to follow medical advice. All of your family is in our prayers

  4. Poor Bubba….he must miss DeDe….I hope staying
    close to Rumpy will be a great help for him. Sending lots of loves to Bubba from Japan. xxxxx

  5. Bubba must be having a lot of pain if he is peeing because of it. It is good you are his friend.

  6. See? This is what happens when I am gone for a few months. Am I to understand that we have lost Dee Dee? So sad. I hope all gets better for Bubba. I once had a cat named Bubba. He was a real treat. I understand your reluctance to let him get too close but we know you are a grand dog, with a big heart.
    We too have had our losses though not because anyone passed. It seems that a 55 year old Angryman is not able to properly care for so many animals. You remember that Mic has one brother and four sisters as well as two dogs.
    One dog; Buddy was getting old and was unable to make the trip up and down the stairs and the other was very old and having similar issues. Also five of the six cats were urinating everywhere; partly due to my not being able to care for them all properly. So; after trying to solve these problems for over a year and failing, I finally broke down and arranged for all but the two male cats; Mick and Little Boy and both dogs to go to a strictly “No-Kill shelter nearby and they managed to find homes for them. It seems that they have people; volunteers who will take such old dogs in and are able to care for them properly. It was a very hard decision to make but for the best for everyone; I think.
    I miss them all but they really are better off with someone who can care for them.
    Interestingly; when all the cats (all siblings) were together; there was a lot of fighting and some of the peeing seemed to be due to jealousy and sibling rivalry. Since we are only two cats and an Angryman; both the boys have stopped peeing all over and are even able to accept each other getting attention. So; we hope all turns out well. The best thing I think we can say about lost friends is that they were friends; we had them. You can’t lose something you never had and therefore the loss is testament to our relationship.

  7. Whatever it takes Rumpy! These drugs were formulated for this sort of thing and if nothing else is working then this is when you turn to them. Hope Bubba adjusts, and glad you can be his buddy!

  8. Rumpy first we admire you for comforting Bubba. He needs a friend Riput now. Adequan I have been on it for several years and it really helps. I was put on as puppy & then went a number of years with out. Was put back on 3 years ago when limp again became pronounced. I hope Bubba has a much luck. Sunny

  9. I hope this will work for Bubba. Thank you for the update. I agree with Clowie, Bubba feels safe next to you. You are doing a good job to let him. Blessings to all of you.

  10. You’re an awesome buddy, R. If I didn’t feel well, I would want to hang with you for a dose of good energies. Mom and I are sending healing thoughts and prayers to Bubba.

    Love and licks,

  11. Mom is very happy with the adequan results for Phantom, that is the same regimen he did to start. Our vet lets Mom buy two bottles at a time at a reduced price and they keep it at the vet’s for use each time Phantom goes for his injection. We hope it works well for Bubba.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Bingo, I think we have just figured out why Bubba might be behaving this way. He is missing his best friend. I hope the new drug works. Perhaps in time, with your help Rumpy, maybe that will solve the problem. I’m crossing my paws and purring that will happen.

  13. Yow we iz sowwy da Bubba Kat iz havin pee-in prublemz again…me n Mum do nott nose why he iz in pain; we must hab missed sum blogz *droopy earz* n we wunder why Bubba iz pee-in on bedz…
    We are so sad da he missez DeDe so much too….we ALL miss her…
    Rumpy pleeze take Bubba Kat under yer paw n lub him….he needz ya so much!
    Much lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

  14. I apologize if this has already been mentioned. I can’t possibly keep up with all the comments. It just dawned on me that you said you switched all the cats to food for old kitties. Is it possible the food switch might have affected Bubba differently?

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