A Poem by the Cats

MEOW! My name is June Buggie, and I have something to say.

Enough is enough! MEOW!

Us cats have gone out of our way to be accommodating to that big, overgrown wad of fur that you all think is so cute…. *gag*. But now he’s going entirely too far!

You see, when Malachi had his annual check-up, the vet said he could stand to lose a couple pounds, so Jen switched us all to a food for old cats. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT????

We slowly transitioned over so we’ll eat the stuff, and I guess I like it OK, but guess who likes it better than his own food? You guessed it!

So to expose him for the thief that he is, us cats got together and wrote a limerick to call him out.

We call it,



Cat food, a delightful treat
and a big fluffy dog likes to eat
what’s left on the floor,
but the doggy wants more,
so he cleans out the plates too, the cheat!





44 thoughts on “A Poem by the Cats

  1. Cats, us dogs can’t help it if your food tastes so good. I don’t blame Rumpy a bit. I’ve got to counter surf to get the cat food at my house.

  2. i was going to say that Meowmy needs to put your food on the counter so that Rumpy cannot counter surf, she knows that dogs much prefer cat food but it really isn’t good for them (and it pisses the cats off!!! MOL)

    1. Cat’s don’t free feed here. We are fed 2 times a day. We’re fed on the floor because we have limited counter space and we do like to fuss over our food a bit. MEOW!

  3. Oh dear June Buggie…you too huh..hmmm the poochies here too would do the same…but thwo girls get their meals in the bathroom and the other two on the bench….due to strict diet needs…I am glad that Forrest can’t counter surf…that’s a lot of dog ….hahahaah

    1. It may come to that yet. Jen is adamant that we lose a bit of weight. We went from free-feeding to two meals a day. She hasn’t been so strict because we move from bowl to bowl. Now we’re on a lower calorie food. HISSSSS!!!!

      1. She’s so onto you guys hahahah..yes we need to watch Dinnermintz weight and she can only have fresh meat her poor UTI issues means she can’t evenhave the special vet science kibble so no dry food..so we need to watch her with the other girls meals…and Marbles has arthritis and as such needs to have he weight watched as she is not as mobile..so we can feed Marbles in the bathroom on the floor and Cleo up on the hand basin..Marbles won’t jump up and eat Cleo’s food so that’s those two sorted ..and Pickles is a slow poke so she eats where I can see she her and keep Dinnermintz away from her food..meanwhile the dogs need their dinner and blah blah ..it’s a logistical nightmare..bwahahaha

  4. My sympathy is with Rumpy on this one – if you cats ate your food straightaway instead of messing around he wouldn’t be tempted. Sometimes the temptation is more than a dog can stand!

  5. Hai dearest June Buggieeee!!!! Oh no! I can’t believe that you started eaing a food for old cats!? You still look so young and very charming!!!! *whispers* but one of our cats, too…he is said to loose his weight by his vet….
    Rumpy seems to be so proud to have cats food! *giggles*

  6. Yikes! That’s pawful! I’d share my food with you, but I’m on a d.i.e.t. and don’t get all that much anyway.

  7. We know that problem all too well. We have the cat food up high, and a kitty litter box blocked off so only the cat can get to it.

  8. That’s an excellent limerick! Our pup friends would always swear that they never ate anything they found on the floor. They were terrible liars. Rumpy looks so innocent in that picture. It must be some other animal that comes in and steals your food.

    The other day, the vet told OurGirl that any cat over 7 years old is considered a SENIOR!! Whut? We’ve all made a pact to bite HerAnkle next time we’re at the clinic!

  9. Hey, Rumpy – we have never had cat food – is it really THAT good???

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Yow guud poe-em June Buggie!!
    Me iz on a speshell bowel kibble called Fiburr Reesponse n it iz nommie!
    Da Vet did try to get me to eatz sum Senior kibble made of P-O-R-K n sweet ‘tato….well me had a little bit n a bit more n den me had turrible die-a-rrhea so Mum took dat away reel quick…n me iz back on da Fiburr Reespone kibble n fingz quieted down 😉
    Mum took da Senior kibble back to da Vet n said he cuud haz it fer snackz 😉
    MOL he almost terned green, MOL….
    We finkz ya lookz purrfect as ya are June Buggie…
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxo

  11. Great poem June Buggie! We know all about cat food stealing doggies! Mazie used to scarf down our food even on the counters until mom found the right bowls and spot where she can’t reach them.

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