The Scene of the Crime!

This is the city. It’s not a perfect place, but it’s where several cats and a big fluffy dog make their home with a human named Jen.

MEOW! I'm June Buggie, and I'm working the Kitty Crimes beat.
MEOW! I’m June Buggie, and I’m working the Kitty Crimes beat.


As I was patrolling my beat, I came across the scene of a crime so heinous, I almost horked up a hairball.

The scene of the crime.
This used to be a can of Fancy Feast cat food.

I asked myself: Who had the means, motive and opportunity to commit such a dastardly offense?

I quickly ruled out all of the cats. While we may have motive and opportunity, none of us have the means to open a can of food like this. If we did, the world would be ours!

And Jen didn’t have the opportunity, because she was at work earning money to buy us still more food.

That left the dog.

See? He even LOOKS guilty!
Who? Me? I was just sitting here with a duck on my head.


He had means. He is able to chew on a cat food can and open it.

He had motive. He loves cat food and gets into it every chance he gets.

And he had opportunity. He was home alone looking for some kind of mischief to get into.

OK dog, let’s head down to the precinct. I’m throwing the book at ya. MEOW!!!!



53 thoughts on “The Scene of the Crime!

  1. When my husband’s sister stopped on her way through from a trip from Texas to New York State their cat got out at our home. She said that she had left the cat some food in our back yard. I did not think too much of it thinking that she had tried to coax the cat back into the carrier and all. I found the can three days later (we have 7 and a half acres) thought I should mention that, It had never been opened. The cat came out on their trip back. Or at least they said it did since we never saw it.

      1. They knew that we had to go out of town too for a few days I have no clue what they were thinking. Our pets went with us. We did leave the pet opened food which I am sure the possum also enjoyed.

  2. OMD! Are you sure that Rumpy did it, June Buggie?! He looks so innocent…I can’t believe he does such a scary thing….*whispering to Rumpy* Run away Runpy, ruuuuuuun!!!!!

  3. My hubby wants to represent you and I told him I’d be the secretary. First question to help you out Rumpy, did you share any of it? And, we’re sending in the two zillion character references we know we can collect. Not to worry, pal, we have your tail. 😉

  4. I’m just glad Rumpydog didn’t suffer any injuries while committing the crime. Those edges can be sharp. Perhaps he had the duck doing all the heavy lifting.

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