A Rainy, Wet Good Friday

Oh Dog! Happy Good Friday everybody! Lots of you are off work today. Jen isn’t, because her employer doesn’t recognize Easter or Good Friday as holidays. POO!


The weather here today? Rain. Lots and lots of rain. Flash flood watches are out all over. And since there are lots of dirt roads around here, there are some that are impassable.

For the occasion, I wrote a couple of poems I’m calling:



It’s raining and it’s pouring so,
I dare not into the yard go.
So out with the pads
for the lasses and lads.
Oh why couldn’t that rain be snow?


It’s raining again?
What is a poor dog to do?
I guess I’ll just nap.


Here’s hoping your day is not quite so wet. Happy Easter weekend!!!!

36 thoughts on “A Rainy, Wet Good Friday

  1. Oh dear, sorry that Jen has to work over Easter! 😦 We all hope you have a lovely weekend anyway with lots of Easter cheer. Take care

  2. Good Morning! Perhaps Jen will give you an easter treat while she is at work. I am new here and finally read your full bio, we are neighbors of a sort. I live in Tuscaloosa! Such a small world. Yes it will be rainy but just for a bit. Have a good day.

  3. Dear Jen and Lovely Rımpy and your all little friends, in here there is rain too and also I can’t say it is a warm day 🙂 I hope the sun be with us soon. Thank you, Happy Easter weekend, love, nia

  4. We don’t celebrate Easter in Japan but personally our family like celebrating it! I hope the rain goes away soon and you have a lovely Easter! Haappy Easter weekend to you, too! 🙂

  5. Sorry about all that rain, Rumpy. We hope you get some sunshine soon, pal.

    We really like your second poem a lot!

    Happy Easter Weekend *even though Jen had to work today).

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