An Easter Wish For All

Oh Dog! Happy Easter everybody!



The National Confectioner’s Association says that over 7 billion pounds of candy will be bought and consumed in the US this Easter. According to, Easter is second only to Halloween in the amount of sugary treats consumed.

There’s lots of chocolate out there, folks, so make sure your dog or other companion animals don’t get hold of any of it. And the other treats probably aren’t good for your animal companions either. I know we’re on guard at Christmas and Halloween, but chocolate and candy can make a dog sick any day of the year, including today.


Now I’m not a particularly religious dog, but I do know that every day I wish for peace for myself, my family, and for all the world. It just so happens that today lots of people around the world is wishing the same.

Maybe this year, our wishes will come true.


33 thoughts on “An Easter Wish For All

  1. I hope your wishes will come true and if not this year, once they will be true, I’m sure. I hope chocolate and candy will land only in biped stomachs, they are definitely not made for our fourlegged friends :o) Have a great easter sunday!

  2. It’s also a day when kids will find a cute, little puppy or kitten in their Easter basket, and many of those furry babies will end up at a shelter. Make sure your family is all prepared for a new addition – it is not something that should be taken lightly.

    HAPPY EASTER Rumpy and All!

  3. Mom is eating all the chocolate. She claims it’s for my own good. Ha! But I got a stuffed chicken toy and a stuffed bunny toy, so that’s good. I hope all your wishes for the world come true.

    Love and happy Easter licks,

  4. Yow Rumpy Happy Hoppy Eastur to all of ya!!
    Me gott sum turkey wif Mum n she got da chocolate 😉
    Iz all guud n safe too.
    Much lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

  5. I have heard too many ‘stories’ lately of dog owners who said their dog ate some chocolate and “oh, they were fine.” They need to take this much more serious … for the potential of the time when their pet is not ok. And to warn others, too. I’ve even seen so-called funny videos with people deliberately feeding chocolate to dogs and cats. It infuriates me!

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