A Sad Day in Animal Welfare

Saturday was a sad day for the animals of Tampa, Florida.

The staff at the Animal Coalition of Tampa Bay were wakened early last Saturday to learn their low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinic had burned. The fire was intentionally set, possibly to cover the theft of petty cash from the register as well as from a donation box on the counter.

The worst part? The three cats that lived at the clinic- Jazz, Boy, and Mama, died in the fire.

boy and jazz

Fortunately a pit bull survived.

This clinic spays and neuters animals to avoid euthanasia, and provides the service for ferals as well as family pets.

Donations are needed to help the clinic rebuild. You can go to the Animal Coalition of Tampa Bay web site or their Facebook page to find out how you can donate.

And if you live in the Tampa area and have any information regarding the crime, please report it to law enforcement. The perpetrators of this crime should not be allowed to get away with what they’ve done.

45 thoughts on “A Sad Day in Animal Welfare

  1. This is so sad, especially because the lives of three cats were lost – and for what. I hope the rotten scoundrels are found and get what they deserve.

  2. What. The. Hell?! I’m sorry, but what kind of incredibly crooked moral compass must you have to first, steal from a donations box, and then burn down the place. These criminals must have heard the cats and pit bull. Terrible, just terrible. So sorry to hear about this.

  3. Oh no, I’m so sad that Boy, Jazz and their mom died in the fire. What’s in the head of people who steal the donations and some money and set a whole clinic on fire? I hope the police will find the causer(s).

  4. How extremely sad. It’s bad enough when lives are lost due to faulty wiring or an accident, but for a person to intentionally set a fire to cover his/her crime when they know lives will be lost is disgusting. There aren’t enough words to express an act like this.

  5. Poor Boy, Jazz and Mama…..I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to them…I hope that this clinic will be rebuilt for animals who need helps again…..

  6. So heartbreaking. We hope they know who did it and they are punished big time. I hope they get enough money to build an even better place.

  7. Absolutely an act of evil…I am weeping here. I can only imagine the sheer terror Jazz, Boy & their Momma felt…I think I am going to be sick….
    😦 Sherri-Ellen

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  9. Humans are simply the worst being on the planet! Love and Healing to Mama, Boy and Jazz who lost their lives, and to all affected by this appalling example of “humanism” People such as these, find Universal Justice (or it finds them), someday, some way, somehow, and I can’t wait.

  10. Tragic and heartless and incomprehensible. What is wrong with people like this? So sad that three beautiful kitties died. If caught, the perpetrators shouldn’t be treated any different than if they had burned three humans to death.

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