The Best News I Heard All Week!

This week’s news comes from none other than the business world!

What? REALLY????

Yes indeedy!

See, the Humane Society sat down with companies and asked them to agree to buy meat obtained from humane sources, including pork. So companies pressured their pork suppliers to move toward eliminating the use of gestational crates.

What are gestational crates? Oh, they look like this.


Imagine living your entire life like this just so some human can eat bacon. (Photograph by Stephen Mally/The New York Times via Redux)
Imagine living your entire life like this just so some human can eat bacon. (Photograph by Stephen Mally/The New York Times via Redux)


So most (but not all) pork suppliers agreed to do away with them.

But for some companies, a promise was not good enough.

Recently the HSUS announced that Wendys, IHOP, Applebees, and several other companies are requiring quarterly progress reports from their suppliers to show they really ARE making the move away from gestation crates.


The Seaboard Company, however, is NOT doing away with gestation crates, and won’t even discuss the matter with HSUS. I strongly encourage you to NOT buy pork from their producers.

Oh, and one other thing. I’m sure you notice all the cool pins to Pinterest and Facebook of all those foods with bacon. Don’t be fooled, folks. Those are a part of a PR campaign by the pork industry to get you wanting to eat more bacon. Their hope is that you’ll demand cheaper bacon, so they can say they can’t afford to make the humane switch. Don’t let them get away with that! 


Remember, this is the mindset of the pork industry. To them, animals are a thing to make money off of. Period.
Remember, this is the mindset of the pork industry. To them, animals are a thing to make money off of. Period.

29 thoughts on “The Best News I Heard All Week!

  1. I hope this cruelty cases will be history now. I think to eat no meat was the BEST decision of my life (except getting Easy, of course) Have a good sunday!

    1. It will take a great shift in public thought to get people to give up meat. It doesn’t help that you have an industry that uses all sorts of tactics to convince people that a meal isn’t a meal without meat.

  2. 1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I applaud the Humane Society’s activism.

    2. It’s through issues such as these the character of companies can be revealed.

    3. I am an admitted carnivore. That said, late this summer, a pig will make an appearance as a guest blogger on my site! He’s awesome. Stay tuned.

      1. I hoped that would be the sentiment of my comment! I agree wholeheartedly. My youngest and I had a conversation about how the main character apologized to a fish he killed for food in Life of Pi. We talked about how ancient societies revered the animals who provided nourishment. Somehow, that respect has been lost in the chase for the almighty dollar.

        Thanks again for making me aware of the issue. I will act accordingly.

      2. Yes, and it also is different in that our ancestors killed their own food. We don’t typically do that. Most of us get our meat wrapped up nice and neat in plastic. We have no clue where our meat comes from and don’t care as long as it doesn’t cost more than we’re willing to pay.

  3. I am sad to say that I ate a piece of bacon last evening. However, I paid for it dearly this morning with a several gall bladder attack. Karma sometimes comes sooner than later.

    1. processed meats like bacon have many other health problems besides just gall bladder attacks. Those nitrites they use to preserve it is no joke!

  4. Great news. Sadly we aren’t quite as morally up to it here in the UK.

    Not sure if you’ve heard but 200 chains of Subway here are going to be selling Halal meat to support Muslim wishes, despite the fact they are only 3% of the population and RSPCA ruling that the slaughter caused unnecessary suffering. While I respect others have the right to eat what they wish I don’t feel it is humane and I won’t shop at any of their stores now.

    I think that even us meat eaters can make the right choices and help by choosing the right sort of companies.

    ~ Amy

  5. I don’t like bacon so I don’t eat it but still eat some other pork……..after seeing those pictures….I hope I’ll stop eating any meats…..

  6. Smithfield Pork products come to mind immediately as one of the companies to avoid.I do eat some meat, but I have changed, years ago, to buying products from humane sources. It cost more, but at least I know the chickens lived in clean spacious places and ate free range and weren’ fed chicken byproducts in their feed. Nobdoy asked the sow if she wanted to move? maybe that executive needs to be penned in place on his side for several months and then ask him and see if he is even capable of speaking, much less barely breathing. sometimes I am ashamed to be human.

  7. Meez a meat eatew of couwse, and meez mommy likes meat tu. but wees like ow meat tu hav enjoyed it’s life afuw it became ow dinnew. God put da animals on da eawff fuw ow nouwishment, but Hims nevew intended us tu tweat dem so cwuelly. 😦 It makes us vewy sad dat munny is mowe impowtant den anyfin’ els tu most big companies. Fanks fuw bwingin’ attention tu dis. And meez wead da comments and wusn’t awawe of Subway, and meez mommy dusn’t eat der but once or twice a yeaw anyways, but hers has sed, NO MOWE!! Hav a Pawsum Sunday!!

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  8. We still have them here Rumpy and our government is terrible. They keep bowing under pressure from the industry to allow them to stay.

  9. That’s great more and more companies are switching to humane practices, but that last photo you posted broke my heart! How could anyone think like that?!

    We have to keep getting the word out that animals do not need to suffer for our consumption.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  10. Dem poor sweet piggiez…livin in such horriffick placez…so so uglee n meen…we iz glad da cratez will bee dun away wif in most placez!
    We NOTT eat bacon or ham or pork ’cause we Jewish/Mewish n plus we LUB piggiez in general n haz piggie furendz n we NOTT eat our furendz 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

  11. A topic I’ve been following for a while too. It’s horrible how the meat industry is handling and treating those animals. All they see is Dollar signs, nothing else. Thanks for sharing this and talking about this.

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