Another Swipe of the Paw

This week’s poetry offering comes in the form of a song.


But not just any song, mind you!

This week it’s a parody of one of my all-time favorites bands- Pink Floyd!

Do you recall this song?


Well here’s my take on it. I call it:


Another Swipe of the Paw


We don’t need no snarling kitties!
We don’t need no smacking paws!
They sit there looking nice and pretty.
When backs are turned, out come the claws!
Hey! Kitties! Leave us pups alone!
When all is done I have another scratch on my nose.
Ouch! You evil kitty! Quit scratching my nose!


38 thoughts on “Another Swipe of the Paw

  1. MOL Did yous get swatted Rumpy?? Not all kittys awe bad. Meez not a mean kitty and meez neevew uses meez claws. 🙂

    Luv and Hugs an Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


      1. But meez not ALL da uddew kittys Rumpy. And just like meez can’tt judge yous based on da actions of da heel nippew nex doow, yous can’t judge meez based on yous expewience wiff da kitty dat swatted yous. Hav a Pawsum day!!

        Luv and Hugs ad Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  2. So funny Rumpy! I love your sense of humor!!!This poetry makes me imagine the scene very well! Hee hee… 🙂

  3. Oh, Rumpy! What have you done! Pink Floyd were musical geniuses – light years ahead of the curve! What’s next? An “Ode to Joy?”

    Just kidding. Loved it. But I do love The Wall, and always have.

  4. Clever boy, Rumpy. I will be singing it under my breath all day today. xoxo

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