Time for a Sabbatical

Dear readers,

I have decided to take a short sabbatical from my blog in order to see if that’s something I want to continue.

I’m thinking perhaps it’s time to write about something else.

Talk with you soon,


57 thoughts on “Time for a Sabbatical

  1. A break is healthy sometimes. I think I will post a little less but I would never want to lose the network it has taken so long to build. It’s not just the network but the quality and quantity of such delightful people. I do spend too much time in front of this screen, however, and my waistline shows it.

  2. You’ll be missed Jen but I think we ALL need a break once in a while…..re-think, re-organize, re-energize – WHATEVER….just enjoy the break!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

  3. I know how hard it can be to keep up the “blogging pace” and write on the same topic for an extended time. You will definitely be missed; if you start a different blog, please post it so we can visit you there. 🙂

  4. Jack and I both, will miss you. Keep in touch, and if you’re interested in a change, I’m always looking for guest posts at DeafInPrison.com. 🙂 (No plug intended… well, maybe just a little one.)

  5. I know where you’re coming from. Writing a blog is a full time job and sometimes we just need to take a break and recharge. Good luck and I look forward to your posts when you’re back.

  6. My cats will miss Rumpy’s interesting but obviously flawed (according to them not me) point of view. Do what you need to rejuvenate and we hope you will come back to us even if it’s not daily.

  7. Please do take care of yourself. Nurture and focus on you and your fur family. You have been an enormously positive influence on my life. May your future bewonderful, whole and centered.

  8. Rest on your laurels – you really deserve some break! 🙂 Have a great time with your pack, relax, read, go on trips and beautiful walkies! (OK, secretly I hope that sometimes you post a pic about Rumpy & Co. and you come back soon to us!)

  9. Everyone needs breaks now and then! It’s good to re-examine things in your life. I have to say that I will miss your posts, but good luck during the break. 🙂

  10. Sowwy tu heaw yous mite be leavin’ dis topic, but wees unnewstand. Wees will miss yous, hav a good west and take cawe.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  11. It is hard to be so serious all of the time. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders. It is understandable. Hope to see and hear from you soon.

  12. Sometimes a break is a good thing, gives you time to put all in perspective. We may not always comment but we usually do manage to stop by and read what is on the agenda. We hope you will find a way to continue the blog too.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. BJ and I will absolutely miss you and I understand that you need a break. You post every day and it takes time and energy. I’ve enjoyed your posts and have learned a lot. Thank you. I hope you come back. Good luck.

  14. Jen, I understand the need to take a break (I am currently doing the same thing with whatdoyareckon) but I hope that you choose to return eventually. You provide such an important service…although I am sure sometimes it is both heart-wrenching and exhausting. I value Rumpydog greatly. Best of luck with whatever path you choose. mrsbushranger

  15. We’ll miss you, but respect your decisions and hope that you find what makes you happy. ❤

  16. Having just had a break, I know how much needed it was, but I did miss the interaction with others who love our pets and laughing and weeping in equal measure. I hope you get refreshed and inspired, Jen xx

  17. Rumpy, Jen, and Kitties….please come back very soon…..I already miss you…..but I think that your family need some rests for a while….because blogging must be very hard work….*hugs hugs hugs*

  18. I think lately we’ve been taking breaks more often than blogging 🙂

    If you don’t like what you’re doing then it’s time to find something you do like; of course, we all hope you’ll be back but do what you need to. Lots of positive energy headed your way!

  19. We’ll miss you, but we certainly understand the need for rest and reflection. Selfishly, we hope you decide to keep blogging. Hugs to you, dear friends.

  20. Life does cause us to reflect now and again where we are going and what our purpose is. Blogging is a joyful experience, but it is also quite difficult and time consuming. I respect your decision to take a break and wish you well…

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