Blessing in Disguise????

Rumpy has a Facebook page. And until yesterday, he also had a profile. But not anymore.

You are pretending to be something you aren’t! So what if everyone on Facebook is doing the same thing, just under their own name!


Seems Facebook looks unfavorably on those who would pretend to be a dog or cat. Friends of Rumpy’s were deleted and watched like a hawk to ensure they do not return. It’s pathetic to what lengths they’ll go to to collect our data to sell.

I’m not going to “convert” his profile into yet another page when he already has one. And, to be honest, Rumpy could care less about Facebook. It was me that had to keep up with that anyway.

Actually Facebook did me a favor. Now I no longer have that task to worry about!

Hey, if means more time for me, I’m in! So long, Facebook!

So if you’re interested, you can LIKE Rumpy’s Facebook page. And in the interest of fairness, June Buggie has one as well. If you would, please set your settings to see posts, and like their posts whenever you see them. The number of people who sees a post on a page is determined by how many likes and comments it gets. Unfair? Maybe, but Facebook is in business to make money, not make people happy.

Oh yeah, both @RumpyDog and @JuneBuggieRants are on Twitter. And Twitter doesn’t care what they are……. yet.

45 thoughts on “Blessing in Disguise????

  1. I’ve been there! After 6 months of FB not recognizing me and deactivating my account [actually I had to go through a process of recognizing ‘friends’ faces from very ambiguous photos!!! – needless to say I never even tried!], they switched my account to live again after apologizing. I have now set very strict rules and am forced to be a bit unsocial. I use it solely for publicity reasons and for sharing anything that has to do with animal rights. Notice that there is no one you can contact but only that automated stupid thing? Also -and this is a note for anyone using this place- anything you upload there is owned by them, meaning they have the right to use it as they wish. Hence, I never upload original work – only links to pages.
    Still, Jen, it is a sad thing not having Rumpy [and the lot] over there too… A loss for them but mostly a loss for the rest of us.
    kisses to all xx

  2. done :o) maybe dogs and cats are not the target to make a lot of green papers for Mr. Z. , they never click on the links on the right side to buy clothes in china and they never enter a really shady talentshow to become a Rockstar (immediately+guaranted!)

  3. Welcome to my world. Jack was the first dog ever to have his own FB dog-page, and the first to have it taken down. For a few days, he was inconsolable, but he soon got past it, and moved on. I’ve been on FB myself, since they first launched about a decade ago. In that time, I’ve learned one vital lesson. FaceBook is free. Therefore, we are not the customer. we are the product.

  4. I enjoyed your FB page…..very disappointed that your account was deleted….so unfaire…. :(….

  5. I got a facebook page too. Dad told me I couldn’t have my own profile cos they get shut down! / SamsBellabob You have to rely on people liking it and I cant like anyone back, only my mom can, which is annoyin!! No one knows who my mom is!! Mom has liked your page Rumpy, her name is Samantha 🙂

    1. Yous can like, but it dusn’t count as a like fuw da page. and yous can comment, yous mommy has tu choose tu use facebook as yous. And yous wuld den hav yous own newsfeed, but is vewy diffewent den da uddew side of facebook and yous hav tu keep weweshin’ tu get yous notifications.

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  6. Facebook is always wanting me to give them money to boost my posts on my Facebook page. Not gonna do it. I just stay happy with the few people that see it.

  7. Facebook is getting more and more ridiculous and annoying many people. It appears that it’s also becoming less and less popular. So sorry Rumpy lost his profile.

  8. I had thought of posting as corkscot on facebook. When I send things to the different Scottie groups on facebook, I get more people to read the postings. How elitist can you get?

  9. The only thing I use FB for these days is publicizing the blog. I don’t miss it. I used to have a page there for antique dolls, but it was more work than it was worth and FB pages get hacked far too often. They have zero security.

  10. Facebook not be vewy social and deys don’t let yous furiends see yous postys lessen yous pay dem munny tu advewtise yous. Wees hav a page but wees also hav nuffin but twubbles wiff it. good luck.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥


  11. I have heard about them not allowing animals to have their own pages anymore – happened to Misaki (a Malamute from the UK) some time ago… Beats me why they would care as long as they get the traffic… anyhow – that is why I didn’t bother with a fb page for Lizzy… and you are right… it is time consuming to say the least to keep up and ensure updates on a regular basis…
    So Rumpydog… don’t be sad – we’ll still see you here on wordpress…

  12. Facebook nearly drove me crazy when I tried to make a page for my books, even though I was using my own name – had to give up in the end. Fancy not letting Rumpy have a profile! Shame on you, Facebook – that’s discrimination against dogs!

  13. Facebook can be such a buzzkill. We already like Rumpy’s page, and will go and like June Buggie’s, too!

  14. I have a Facebook account that owns my page. Sooner or later I’m going to lose it. They removed it once but only temporarily, and they’ve deleted pictures from my profile and my banner a few times, even pictures that belong to me. I don’t care. I really hate their web-scraping every page I go to to spam me with ads. It shouldn’t even be legal. And for a page they don’t let anyone see like you said. Their terms do specifically say no accounts for pets, but seriously, why?

  15. We haz our sweet Rumpy here so we nott gonna wurry about stoopid Fart er me meenz Facebook, MOL…
    Bloggin iz bettur anyway, We just use FB to keep in touch wif furamllee n furendz local n far away butt diz iz where we call home 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxo

  16. Sorry about the reaction from Facebook. I sure don’t understand why as ‘Henri Le Chat Noir’ and cartoon figures have their own FB page. But, you’re right, you’re now freed up from spending time on FB. Glad to see you here. 😉

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