An Exciting Opportunity- Maybe!

The Humane Society of the United States Taking Action for Animals Conference will be held June 27-30th. 


I received an invitation to attend, courtesy of HSUS.

I’d love to do that, but there’s still  the matter of getting there, accommodations, and, most importantly, making sure the gang are cared for while I’m gone.

So if you’re a business and would be willing to sponsor my trip, please contact me ASAP. The email address is In return I’ll give you all kinds of social media attention, courtesy of Rumpy and June Buggie!

Or if you live in the D.C. area and would be willing to let me crash on your couch for a few nights, I’m open to that as well. Maybe the money to get there will come.

I’m opening this one up to the Universe. If I’m meant to be there, surely someone will step up to help make that possible. And if not, then I don’t need to be there right now.

Let’s see what the answer will be.


17 thoughts on “An Exciting Opportunity- Maybe!

  1. Miss Jen, I have not sold any of my bookies since my last donation to Wolf Haven, but we would love to donate any sales revenues to help support your trip and make sure Rumpy and the gang have the furry best sitters! (That’s the only way we’d have money to help toowoowoooo). Would you be willing to help promote my bookie to help raise some money fur you? E-mail Mama if so.
    xoxoxoxoxoxox, Ku and the whole gang

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