Peek-a-Boo! We See You!

Here are some pics of the gang.

June Buggie has this thing where he loves to be close to me, while blatantly ignoring me.
June Buggie has this thing where he loves to be close to me, while blatantly ignoring me.
Malachi is such a flirt! Here he is, giving me “the look.”


Oh, my sweet Little Girl! At last I got the perfect storm of good lighting and still kitty.


Here’s Hissy Fit Jones giving us the “shy guy” look. Such an enigma, this kitty.


And here is the Rumpster showing off one of his quirky habits- lying outside in the heat of the day. He loves it! As you can see, I take advantage of the time to brush him out.

31 thoughts on “Peek-a-Boo! We See You!

  1. Awwww….they are so gorgeous and lovely!!!! June Buggie looks good!!! How handsome kitty Malachi is! Little girl’s cute eyes are irresistibly adorable! Hissy Fit Jones shows his cuteness! And Rumpy, he looks so comfortable on the grass! Thank you very much for these heart warming pictures! 🙂

  2. Please tell June Buggie we ignore OurPeople too, unless we suspect they have snackies! Colby likes to look at the world upside-down just like Malachi. Someone’s tail is photobombing Little Girl and her lovely eyes. Could it be Sweet Bubba? We always want to give Lil’ Hissy a teensy hug. Please tell Graybie that a gray kitty who’s been coming around asking for food is being called the same name and we hope Original Graybie doesn’t mind! And…oh Rumpy…we bet all the birdies in the neighborhood have a bit of your fluffy fur softening their nests! Such a wonderful family!! ❤

  3. With Rumpy you could start a quilt batt company. He sure has hair! I can come enough fur to make a small throw out of my cat Hazel but Rumpy beats her by a mile.

  4. What a great looking bunch. Way to go with capturing these photos, especially sweet Little Girl. Funny about Rumpy liking to lie in the sun in the heat of the day, so does our Bella. And she’s got that black coat. Happy day to ya’ll from all of us. ❤

  5. Love these close-ups! You all are so adorable. And I love how Rumpy lays. Pierson lays like that too. I call him frog-dog. It really does make brushing easier when he lays like this.

  6. The gang is so beautiful! We really enjoyed seeing each and every one of you, sweet friends.

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