The Miracle That is Dog

Did you ever stop and think what is this miraculous creature, Dog?

You wouldn't let down a dog as cute as me, would you? WOULD you?????
Yes, there’s a scientific answer to his devotion, but surely it goes deeper than that.

Rumpy lives to please me.

When I come home from work, he is the happiest living thing in all the world.

When I’m angry, he is upset. When I am sad, so is he.

Never once has he become frustrated with me and just said, “to hell with you.”

I write for them.
Rumpy has never not loved me with all of his being.

How is it that this glorious creature can be so attached to us? So much so that they will travel hundreds of miles to find us when we’re separated. Or, when mortally wounded, will fight to make their way home one last time.

And why is it they attach themselves to us humans, the most selfish and arrogant species on the planet?

True, they do befriend other species, as DeDe did with Bubba Cat, but DeDe didn’t live for the love of Bubba Cat. She lived to please me.

Sorry, Bubba, but we both know it’s true.

Some say there are angels among us. I would tend to agree. And we call them dogs.

34 thoughts on “The Miracle That is Dog

  1. I always wonder what they see in us…we are such odd creatures…my Angels sleep soundly by the woodfire tonight and my world is a happy place 🙂 hugs Fozziemum

  2. Beautiful and true. And traits not exclusive to dogs in the animal kingdom. It does baffle me why some people cannot appreciate or understand this magic and just throw it away as if it were garbage. Thank you for this wonderful post.


  3. My cats don’t entirely agree. There are also happy to see me (and food) and be with me (in case there is the chance of another meal) and comfort me when I’m down (for a can of Friskies). Hmmmm….perhaps I could trade them in for a dog? BTW Rumpy is the most photographic dog I know. He always looks like he’s smiling. My cats always look like they’re sleeping…oh, that’s because they probably are.

  4. This post reminds me that when Kevin was dying, he hadn’t gone until he said ‘good bye’ to all of our family members….although he looked in deep pain, panting very hard…. Dogs are wonderful creatures…..

  5. This week, we’re dogsitting our grandpuppy, Riley. Our two cats have accepted him and Riley has been by my side as I type on the computer or when I’m on the couch. Because of him, I’m finally getting up and out … walking with him several times a day. He really is very sweet … and so are our cats. Yes, they all are angels – except when they’re being mischievous. 😉

  6. Reminds me of the following awful joke: How do you know that your dog loves you more than your spouse? Lock them both in the truck of a car for an hour and see which one is happy to see you when you let them out.
    (Sorry for sullying the very nice sentiments of your post.)

  7. Agree completely. I think in some ways it was my dog, Tazzie, that kept me wanting to live when I got Lyme disease. She lived to be 15 which is ancient for a rottie. It took me almost that long to regain my health but there she was. She’d be in the other room and if I got worse she’d know and be by my side instantly without my breathing a word. Her portrait is in my bedroom, her love lives with me forever. The same with all the rest of my fur babies but she was quite the exceptional and very unique friend in a dire time of need. Can’t imagine life without dogs. ❤

  8. Wonderful said. Yesterday I was looking for inspiring words in the form of a ‘dog’ quote and you have expressed the nature of dogs and human connection so beautifully 🙂

  9. Why is it they attach themselves to us selfish humans? Because WE NEED THEM THE MOST! They are a gift from God, given in hopes that we can become better than what we are.

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