The Enigma That is Hissy Fit Jones

Hissy Fit Jones.

Hissy Fit Jones- former feral

Born to a feral mom, he became quite ill while young, so his mama brought him to us and left him there.

Jen doctored him up and got him better, and had him neutered. But he decided he liked us, and hung around.

For the longest time, the most of what Jen saw of Hissy Fit Jones was this:

Hissy loved to give it to Jen anytime she came near.

But lately we’ve noticed he’s become far more loving. He’s taken to lying on the pillow above Jen’s head….. of course, he fights with Bubba Cat for that honor.

the coveted Pillow of the Human


And a couple of days ago, this happened:

This is lil' Hissy Jones laying on top of Jen!
This is lil’ Hissy Jones laying on top of Jen!

Do you think he might one day outgrow his name?


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50 thoughts on “The Enigma That is Hissy Fit Jones

      1. that makes sense too. so interesting to see the connections animals make with one another, and with humans. we learn so much from them.

  1. I think you should be looking for new names for him, because I think he is ready to admit that he loves all of you guys.

  2. Sure he will! My lil Moses (a girl!) was not hissy, but she was 12 before she actually sat on my lap for the first time, though she was never far.

  3. Hissy is adorable! I think that he now thinks Jen is his mama….The last picture is touching! 🙂

  4. My family and I have taken in so many ferals, unapproachable at first, who later became really sweet lap cats. It always did takes years so he’s right on schedule according to our experience! I love the name Hissyfit Jones, even if he does mainly outgrow it. The sweetest cats will always pitch a hissy now and then, lol.

  5. How wonderful that you let him just “be” and come around in his own time, no matter how long it takes!

  6. That’s so cute. Mummy thinks it sounds like he is finally mellowing and bonding with you all ^_^

    Well done Jen for being amazing and saving him!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  7. If you get them young semi-feral cats can mellow out some. I had one named Livia that I took in the house when her mama ran away from home. She was wild and hostile until she bonded with another kitten that I took in that was friendlier. She never got totally friendly with people, but she tolerated us because her kitten friend vouched for us.

  8. Lovely story. It reminds me of a cat we had when I was little. With three rambunctious little kids hassling her, Heather didn’t like people and would hiss and scratch most people, only venturing near the family for dinner and cuddle up near the fire. My mum wasn’t that into cats so didn’t care that Heather wasn’t friendly, but thought she was beautiful and liked that she kept the mice at bay. When I was older I thought it would be nice to have a snugly cat, so bit by bit I spent time with Heather and after a few years she learned to trust me (and to love head scratches) and would sit with me on the couch! It was so lovely to see her progression!

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