So Hawaii Wants to Kill Cats…..

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Have you heard of the study conducted by  of the 

Well, let me fill you in. Seems Lohr and Lepczyk have determined that, at least according to rural residents and conservationists, the best way to deal with the problem of unowned cats is to trap ’em and kill ’em. They also found that TNR (trap-neuter-release) was the LEAST preferred technique. 

Needless to say, there is a LOT of controversy surrounding this study. Vox Felina published a response to the study just this month citing numerous flaws in the way the study was conducted. 

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But what is NOT in dispute is the fact that the numbers of unowned cats on the Hawaiian islands are far too high and…

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2 thoughts on “So Hawaii Wants to Kill Cats…..

  1. Surely it depends on how much of a quick fix they want. If it’s endangered birds are dying now and we re running out of time to save them then perhaps a cull of older/sicker cats is the solution.

    However if you can take a longer term look then the key has to be education. Educate the children about the perils of dumping animals, the harm it does to the cats, the harm to wildlife. Also encourage the idea of adopting. Underline all the education with a big TNR push and encouraging people to volunteer to care for the colonies.

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