Hissy Fit Jones Says…..

Yesterday was annual shots day for several of the gang, including Hissy Fit Jones.

As you would expect, it didn’t go well.

hissy vetThank goodness that only happens once a year!


32 thoughts on “Hissy Fit Jones Says…..

  1. Oh boy… My cats don’t enjoy the vet either but it has to be done. Like you said – it’s only once a year!

  2. Not a happy day in the Christmas Pie household either – although always surprised how quickly they rush back into their basket in the vets. Wish they were as keen when we are trying to get them in the basket ready for their appointment.

  3. My cats have a few tips for Hissy. Hissy, have you tried peeing on everyone? That can cause a commotion. One cat even pooped on my mother. Hazel crawled under the radiator in the vet’s office and wouldn’t come out. Next time we went, there was a grate nailed over the space. Jake used to glue himself inside the carrier so he didn’t even come out when it was turned upside down. Of course we have a new carrier for him so that can’t happen again. Glad it’s over for another year.

  4. Oh dear…..I think because we take the girls so many times out and off during fire season they are kinda used to it..does not stop the singing in the car though..and once at the vets and in the office they stroll around quite happy..of course they revenge spray sometimes in their carriers..but I have wrassled my air share of ferals and it’s not for the faint hearted at all hahahhaaha 🙂 welding gloves a necessity 🙂 glad you survived hugs Fozziemum

      1. Oh indeed he will..the fear factor and the change in routine is incredible for some cats..especially when they are from feral backgrounds…I know some very placid cats that come vet time become wildcats…and those claws and tetth and the strength is amazing…I still have some brutal scars from a feral..ripped my gloves to shreds…my fault I mis read his body language..eyes on the ball at all times!

  5. I’m now wondering how Jen manages to take those gangs to the vet…..in our case, it’s always hard to catch our cats who don’t like vet and put them in the carry basket……takes long time before car ride…..*sigh*

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