FOUND!!!! Seattle Area: We Need Your Help!


We need your help, Seattle!

This is Tiny Dancer. She is missing from a foster home for Whisker City, a cat rescue in the Seattle area. 

Tiny Dancer

She went missing last Friday from an enclosed back yard. We’ll save the lectures about why cats, especially those with special needs, should NEVER be allowed outdoors for another day.

For now, we need your help locating her. 

Here is what her foster caregiver has to say about her:

She appears to have scooted under a gate – for the very first time – ever. I hired a International K-9 Search and Rescue Services today and the officer tracked the cat to a home about 5 blocks away. It is his opinion that she was stolen carried to the home and the scent stopped at the parking strip. I put up posters on 183rd Street and Ashworth (Shoreline). I purchased 100 more today and will start putting them up tomorrow. I have already given one to everyone on our street. I will hire another tracking dog to verify the other dog’s conclusion just in case that dog is wrong and she is “stuck” somewhere in the neighborhood. Please make a recommendation if you know of a legitimate tracker. She is my precious little foster cat that has been with me since she was 3 hours old. If she was taken, maybe the person who took her will feel pressured to drop her off at another rescue. And maybe the person is a good person and did not steal her as the officer believes.

If you live in the Seattle area, especially in the Shoreline area, please be on the lookout for Tiny Dancer. And if you have any information about her whereabouts, contact the number on the photo. 

And please share this blog post far and wide, so we can get the word out. Thanks.

20 thoughts on “FOUND!!!! Seattle Area: We Need Your Help!

  1. Oh no….so sorry to hear that she is missing….I hope she will be back to her foster mom soon…..*keeping my pawscrossed*

  2. She’s a beauty. Sure hope she gets found. My person shared the link on her Facebook page since she grew up in Seattle and has several Facebook friends who live there.

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