June Buggie Says…

jb cocky

21 thoughts on “June Buggie Says…

  1. I grew up in rural Colorado, and my father raised Dobermans. We used to free-range all our dogs, and the neighbors (closest one, about a mile away) used to do the same. Not just dogs, but cats too. When I was about 7, and my brother about 5, we were out playing in the woods when one of our Dobermans encountered a neighbor’s tom. Of course my brother and I tried to separate the two animals, but we were just children, and the two would have none of it. In hindsight, one of us could have ran and gotten an adult, but for whatever reason, neither of us did. It was a melee. The animals fought for what seemed to us, like an hour. The Doberman had the cat pinned up against a tree. The cat did a sort of a somersault, and ended up on its back, underneath the Doberman’s neck. The cat reached up with all four claws, and dug in – holding on for dear life. The Doberman shook and shook, trying to disengage the cat from its neck. Eventually, the dog bled out, and died. Not a cheery story, by any means, and I’m sorry for that – here on such a happy site as RumpyDog – but on that day, my brother and I both learned that size means nothing, and a cat can kill a dog.

    Again, my apologies for this story.

    FWIW – As an adult, I do feel a certain amount of guilt and regret for our mishandling of the situation, but as I said, we were just children, at the time.

    1. MEOW! You carry guilt for things that happened as a child, whereas many adults carry no guilt for things far worse. Give yourself a break, will ya?

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