June Buggie Escapes; Jen Freaks

He did it again this morning.

June Buggie ran outside.

Buggie resting by my laptop after his morning foray.
Buggie resting by my laptop after his morning foray.

I confess that I haven’t been as diligent lately as perhaps I should. But this is the first time he’s tried to run outside in over a year. I’d dare to hope he was finally too old for his little escape attempt routine.

But no, this morning at 5:30 AM, while it was still dark, Rumpy and I headed out, and June Buggie ran out with us.

It’s always a frightening experience. Junior is hell-bent on getting outside, but once he’s out, he’s frightened and confused. What makes matters worse is that I am too. So of course I chase him. Yes, rationally I know better. But when my heart’s in my throat, I’m not rational. Who would believe that a woman who does what I do for a living could be overwhelmed by a little, ornery, 17-year-old cat running outside?

At this point, perhaps you’re asking me why I don’t just let the cats go outside. I have a laundry list of reasons, including:

  • they’re more susceptible to injury and disease
  • they can bring fleas inside
  • they could become lost or take up residence elsewhere
  • they could be injured by other animals (including humans)
  • outdoor cats are having a negative impact on the numbers of birds and small animals, including many who are at risk of extinction

But, most importantly, because when indoor cats find themselves outdoors, they are fearful. That’s why you should NEVER dump an indoor-only cat outside on his or her own.

The elder June Buggie has  been content to remain inside... until today.
The elder June Buggie has been content to remain inside… until today.

Fortunately, Rumpy and I were able to herd June Buggie inside, and once there he was back to his cool, calm, and collected self. He fussed at me to hurry up and feed him. Instead, I picked him up and gave him a big hug, which he hated.

And then silently I prayed he never does that again.

45 thoughts on “June Buggie Escapes; Jen Freaks

  1. You are absolutely right on all the points about keeping cats indoors–why would we rescue them then put them back in danger? And about panicking, I have done it myself. Glad Junior is back inside.

  2. My cat Mary Jane is also a indoor cat. She escaped and spent the whole night outside. Next morning she was at the door wanting back inside. She was unharmed physically. She has not even attempted to go out again. I guess that 1 night out was enough for her. I am glad June Buggie is back safe and sound. I agree with all your reasons for keeping the cats inside. I wish my neighbor agreed with me. Both her cats go out whenever they want. A lot of people feel it has always been that way and so it the way it is suppose to be. I can’t help but think with that kind of thinking how can we grow and evolve?

    1. It’s difficult to change an adult’s way of thinking. Why else would there be so many subliminal messages used in advertising? But it’s not impossible, and your neighbors are learning more from you than you know.

      1. You got THAT right. I immediately thought that if he gets out of the fenced area, I’ll probably never see him again. That’s when I panicked. That’s why I chased him. I figured if I could keep him inside the yard, I could eventually wear him out and catch him.

  3. How scary about June Buggie! Glad you got him back in safely. I have decided to keep Kobie indoors because of all the reasons you described. I know if he got out he’d get in trouble as he’s not afraid of anything when he should be such as Loup on one side and busy traffic on the other. Also he’d be killing birds which I hate. I lost four cats when I let them out. One got run over by a car. Two disappeared and one got killed by Alex, our Siberian.

    I keep Daisy in and she prefers it. When she has escaped, she hides in the bushes and wails while waiting for me to rescue her.

    1. That happened to Bubba once. He was lost and missing for 3 days, then I found him in some thick brush crying. I had to crawl in to get him out. He’s never tried to go out again, and that’s been almost 10 years ago now.

  4. My “cat” household is a bit strange. My old cat Jake is an indoor/outdoor cat (mostly indoors at this stage) but the other three are indoor only. We have a cat door that Jake uses. The other three watch him go in and out but they never try it. My husband doesn’t understand why they don’t try it but they don’t. I have tried to break Jake of going outside but he is very resistant. He howls. Very loudly! He doesn’t go out at night so I’m ok with it. At this point he doesn’t go out of the yard. Having said all that I would be terrified if any of the other cats got out because they are not used to the outdoor area. Hazel fell out a window once. She was scared and came right back in. I am surprised after all this time JB even wants to go out.

    1. Well, he hasn’t even tried that in over a year. In fact, we’ve been here in the FL panhandle area for over two years now, and I think this is the first time he’s done it since down here.

  5. So glad you and Rumpy got him back inside……..I’m sure that “sneak out” thing was instinct – and probably once he was out he was confused and overwhelmed….LOL….probably as happy to be back inside as you were to have him there!!!


  6. Lenny likes to sleep out in the garden during the hot weather. Cos he can’t see too good and therefore can’t get out of the garden, Mummy lets him. I sit out there sometimes but always come back in when Mummy calls (it’s the dog-upbringing!), However, Rocky – that is another story. She runs out when Mummy lets the mutt out and won’t come back in. She meows at the door and, as soon as Mummy opens it, she runs off again. She will only come in when SHE wants to. And she can climb, so Mummy gets very worried when she can’t find Rocky. To make matters worse, there is some A**hole round our way who is shooting cats.

    1. Yes, there are a few people who do rotten things to animals. And since I’ve seen what some do to their own furless kids, I sure wouldn’t trust one of my furry ones anywhere near them.

  7. Oh no….June Buggie…..I’m so sorry that he escaped even for a little while….My heart beats very fast while I was reading this escape story because I did have the same experience twice…once with our third cat “Tora” who ran outside for almost 12 hours….and the other with “Chibi” who ran outside only for 6hours…luckily both time, we managed to find them and got them inside…they escaped when we opend the window or the door carelessly….it was nightmare until we found them…..I thought I had have never seen them again….Yes like you mentioned, there are many risks to let our cats go outside….Oh no… how scary…I do hope that June Buggie, the other your gangs and mine never go outside again… hugs

  8. June Buggie was just confused. He really didn’t mean to go outside, he was hunting the littler box. Shhhhhhhhh!
    Us old folks have to stick together.

    1. Yeah, right. Actually, this has been a life-long struggle with June Buggie. He wants to go outside, but once he gets out there, he’s frightened beyond belief. That’s what scares me so.

  9. We have never understood why people have outdoor cats and dogs.You are supposed to be their protectors and the best way to do that is to keep them safe and sound at home.

  10. We keep our cats inside as well. Our 12 year old Sam escapes every so often, and we can never catch her. But she always comes back in after not too long. Our other cat is 15 or 16 and he hasn’t tried to escape for quite a long time now.
    I’m so glad June Buggie came back in…I know how much I worry about Sam when she gets out, but she at least is fine with being out there.

  11. June Buggie and Scratchy sound a lot alike. Sometimes my person will leave the back door open if she’s taking stuff to the shed. Scratchy will try to creep out but as soon as anybody walks toward him he runs back inside.

  12. I am so glad that you found June Buggie. Our last indoor/outdoor cat, Tumbleweed, also was 17. We had a few times where she didn’t come home and we freaked. We were relieved when she preferred the comfort of being indoors rather than whatever was outside. 😉

  13. We almost lost Frankie twice. It is scary. Chris can go out for a few minutes while I watch him but Frankie runs and keeps on running. He is very difficult to catch and I’m afraid if I lose sight of him I may never see him again. We have to be very vigilant coming and going.

  14. So glad this had a happy ending. Mom would freak too if any of us got out of our fenced area off leash. She would be in such a panic. Moms are like that:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. June Buggie you scared the pee outta me! You have to stay inside where your needs can be attended to by your loving servants!!! Outdoors is nothing but trouble there is bugs, cars & other mean animals out there, besides that you have a good momma & you need to take good care of her! ( I admit I skipped to the end of the story to make sure June Buggie was safe so my heart would get out of my throat!)

  16. Naughty June Buggie,I scared dad once I got out of grandma’s garden on to the street ,dad started chasing me I just thought it was a cool new game,so he stopped chasing me when he got to the gate of our garden so I followed him in as I was wondering what he was doing,so he got me home safe but he did tell me off though..hehe,xx Speedy

  17. Oh Dear, I appear to be the only one on the other side of the fence.
    My cats have always been inside, outside cats.
    They came home for food and cuddles but loved the garden and playing hide and seek etc.

  18. Oh man, that is SO scary. One of our biggest fears is any of our kitties getting outside.

    June Buggie: PLEASE don’t do that again!

  19. Frightening, indeed. My Jack is a bolter….but so far he has been able to bolt only into the garage. It’s a constant process to keep him in check.

  20. Whew! Now that is terrifying. CARS! Kitties just don’t acknowledge their existence. RC thinks we don’t see, but we know she lurks. More than once have made a flying tackle in past years….maybe it’s the smell of fall? Better be on double guard here, too if RC gets the word June Buggie has made an attempt….
    Good job rounding up the wayward one!

  21. (shameless self-promotion) — but i KNOW you’ll get a kick out of an older post (early Feb (2014) — “the perils of feline arboreal extraction” or some title like that. needless to say, “he” is closer to home now !

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