The Silent War Against Animal Welfare

If you don’t think there’s big money to be made in the “pet industry,” you are clearly not paying attention. They’re forking out big bucks to change the playing field for breeders, while you are zoned out in front of a drug industry commercial, looking for the strategically placed pure-breed dog.

Here are a few tidbits to wake you up and get you thinking.

Ed Sayres, who resigned this year as president and CEO of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), was recently hired as President and CEO of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. PIJAC is one of the largest pro-puppy mill lobbying groups in the nation.

sayres aspca
Here’s a photo of Sayres during his tenure at ASPCA

PIJAC, along with the American Pet Products Association (APPA), are supporting the pet store chain Puppies ‘N Love as they file a lawsuit challenging a Phoenix law banning the sale of puppies obtained from puppy mills. The judge hearing the case is allowing puppies to be sold pending the court hearing.

Blood not boiling hot enough yet? Read on.

Last week the USDA appointed Julian Prager to serve as the Canine Program Advisor to Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. In other words, he’ll be overseeing those who oversee puppy mill breeders. Prager is an outspoken critic of animal welfare. He’s served as an official with both the National Animal Interest Alliance and the American Kennel Club, both of which fight against laws curbing puppy mills. Yes, the fox IS guarding the hen house.

And here's Sayres after his make-over, courtesy of the big bucks at PIJAC
And here’s Sayres after his make-over, courtesy of the big bucks at PIJAC

And just this morning I read Dr. Nancy Kay’s latest Speaking for Spot blog post, where I learned that Time magazine recently published a piece promoting the purchase of “designer dogs,” which are dogs that are the result of lots of breeding of two different breeds of dogs.

And folks, this has all happened this year. Heck, it’s all happened within the last few months!

So the next time somebody tells you that it’s all about rescue, and the rules will sort themselves out, kindly tell them to pull their head out of their ass and read this. 

It’s a war, people. And we’re losing.

36 thoughts on “The Silent War Against Animal Welfare

  1. Thank you for leading us into the Battle. You keep your community informed. Your leadership as regards to my allegiance, education & admiration comes from your sincere dedication, humility, consistent personal values and sense of humor. Your moral indignation and passion to protect the innocent forces me to confront the sort of unpleasant realities I have developed skills to avoid. Tell Rumby I am just a wuss, not living to potential as you, his hero & his rescuer are doing. The cats can hiss at me next time they take a notion to so for no reason. Happy Monday, we might as well embrace it with joy.

  2. It’s always about the money. The only way to fight it is to do exactly what you are doing and convince people not to open their wallets for these people. I think many people don’t realize that it is often the “mutts” that are the healthiest pets with the fewest problems.

  3. Now, this really does make my blood boil! How could ASPCA have someone as president who would go right over to the puppy mills? I don’t know if there is a way to prevent it, but they certainly made a bad choice with him. Very upsetting. I guess I am better off giving my money to the local shelter where I know it’s directly helping animals.

      1. It’s not like it’s a zero sum game where I only give to one thing. My point is that what you wrote makes me less likely to direct my money toward the national ASPCA and more likely to put it where I know exactly how it will be used. Puppy mills are a big problem in my state, so I am not averse to supporting efforts at new legislation, but it seems like ASPCA is not part of the solution.

  4. I’ve known about this for a while. i think maybe it was your that initially told me about it, maybe a year ago. I am very very wary of all of these organization every since, when I was a kids, I learned they were using decompression chambers to kill dogs because it was cheaper than gas. Makes me ill thinking about it.

      1. I doubt there is one, as long as we blindly follow the wolves in sheep’s clothing that sneak around amongst us and stir up crap.

  5. Well…has anyone gotten wind of Michael Vicks association with Wayne Pascelle?

    Apparently…Vick us a “changed man” and is being touted as the new poster boy for animal welfare.

    How to we calk out this crock of shit?

    1. Unlike you, I do believe people can change, and I believe that Michael Vick has changed far more than many of the holier-than-thous that continue to regale him.

      Make no mistake, his crimes were grievous. But continuing to kick the man, when he’s paid what society has decided must be his debt, only makes those fighting for our cause look petty and small.

  6. Holy heck! People suck. Ok not all, but how can this ass change sides like that? Ack! That kills me.

    1. It looks to me like promotion. While Time does mention that some hybrid breeds are not desirable, it also talks about what they’re worth, which IS seen as desirable. If you want to keep up with the Jones’, you have to have the right dog is the message I got from there. If you got a different one, bully for you.

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