Happy Gotcha Day, Rumpy!

Today is Rumpy’s 9th Gotcha Day.

It was 9 years ago today I was driving down the street in Winchester, Tennessee, and found a pup hanging dangerously close to the road. He had no cares, no tags, and no microchip. The vet estimated he was between 6 and 9 months old.

It’s the birthday boy! Or as close to a birthday as we can get for him.

I looked for his home, but no one claimed him. So he stayed with me, Sage, and Luckydog.

Many days I regretted that decision, like when I twisted my ankle after having stepped in one of the hundreds of holes he dug in the yard. Or after coming home to find another pair of shoes chewed to oblivion. Or while burying yet another bird… or mouse… or feral cat…. he’d killed.

3 Amigos
From the days when Rumpy shared me with Sage and DeDe. There’s June Buggie and Bubba in the photo too.

Much has changed in these 9 years. Rumpy has gone from one of the dogs to being an only dog. I can tell he misses having other dogs around. But I’m not in a position to bring another dog into the home.

On patrol for those pesky squirrels!

He doesn’t run near as much, but he will still give a squirrel a run for its’ money. And sometimes he walks with a slight limp. He’s more content lying in the yard, especially now with the crisp, fall air carrying smells from around the neighborhood.

Nine years is old for a big dog. And yes, I know many of you have had large dogs that lived up into their mid-teens. I’m hoping the same for Rumpy. But the average life span for an Alaskan Malamute is 10-12 years.

But enough of that. Today is a day of joy and celebration! My old guy got his favorite wet food for breakfast. I’ll stop at the local dog bakery on my way home for a celebratory birthday cookie, and a squeaky toy.

Old? Who you calling old, woman?
Old? Who you calling old, woman?

Happy Gotcha Day, Rumpy! I love you!

69 thoughts on “Happy Gotcha Day, Rumpy!

  1. Happy happy Gotcha Day Rumpy!!!! If I hadn’t have met you, I wouldn’t have been on social media for this long time. I’m so happy to have met you! The picture of you, Sage, Dear DeDe, June Buggie and Bubba is wonderful!!!
    I wish you a lovely great day on your birthday! Lots of hugs loves and kisses, from AngelKevin, mom and kitties

  2. Awww! My old cat Jake is a lot like that. Picked him up off the streets. Couldn’t find a home for him so he stayed. Killed birds and chipmunks. Peed on carpets. Now old at 16 I can’t imagine life without that old curmudgeon. Yay for Rumpy and many more gotcha days (and of course the cookies that go along with that).

  3. Happy Happt Gotcha day buddy Rumpy! The most famous Mal in the world! xoxoxoxoxoxox ❤ here's to many more and hope you get all the treats you want today! Wooooooooowooooooooooo!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day, R. You’re as handsome as ever. I hope you are having a wonderful, special day, and that you have 9 million more! Each more special than the last. xoxo

    Love and licks,

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Rumpy!!! We hope you had a great day and we wish you many more good years to come.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Bless him, and bless you for rescuing him. There is a woman locally who rescues huskies. She has one husky malamute cross who is enormous, but still sees himself as a small dog and just wants to cuddle. So give Rumpy a cuddle from me.

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