What? We moved AGAIN?



Yes, we’ve moved yet again. Jen got a promotion, so we headed down to Panama City. Yay!

I was very nervous about the whole deal.
The new place isn't so bad. There's the trash to explore! Didn't have that at the old house.
The new place isn’t so bad. There’s the trash to explore! Didn’t have that at the old house.
But trash exploration is exhausting!
Fortunately, weariness does not diminish my ability to be cute.
Fortunately, weariness does not diminish my ability to be cute.

27 thoughts on “What? We moved AGAIN?

  1. My Mom says that when she was a little girl (eleventy-bazillion years ago) and lived in Selma, Alabama, her family went to Panama City every year for summer vacation. OF course I’m sure things have changed a whole bunch (for one thing no more dinosaurs roaming the sands…haha). Enjoy the new home!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. You are so lucky having trash to explore. I actually figured out how to get into mine, but I get yelled at if I try to do it. I hope you have some good neighbor dogs at your new place. Oh yeah, and my person says congratulations to Jen.

  3. It is always a challenge to move and get adjusted, Rumpy. But you look like you are managing just fine – you handsome dude!!!

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Sweet Rumpy we don’t think there is anything that would diminish your ability to be cute. We hope you all like your new place and Jen likes her job, congrats to her on the promotion. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Don’t worry Rumpy, you’re always so cute!!!! Jen got a promotion? Wow!!!! Congratulations!!! I know move is terribly exhausted and you’re quite a big family, so it must have been so hard…..I hope all of you are settled in the new place soon. Hugs and kisses Kevin and mom

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