One of Those Days….

You ever have those days when you feel like nobody likes you?

I do. In fact, I had one today.


Today I was served a belly-full of passive-aggressiveness, out-right aggressiveness, along with a side of cold shoulders.

On the drive home I prayed to the Universe, asking what in the hell I did to deserve this crap? I mean, really?

But then, I walked in to the face of a dog who loves me, no matter what. Who is content to sit at my feet. Who would do anything for me….. as long as I have a cookie in hand.


Who needs to be liked by humans when I’m loved by Rumpy?

40 thoughts on “One of Those Days….

  1. I hate days like that. But you’re right – even the worst days are made better when there’s a pup at home waiting to love you. 🙂 If it helps at all, there are plenty of us in the blogosphere who really care.

  2. Mom often has days like this. But like you, she’s very glad to come home to me! Even if I’ve broken into the refrigerator again, BOL!

  3. Jen, we like you, too….probably it sounds strange because we haven’t met you in real but we feel your warm heart and kindness through what you’ve done for us. There are many weird humans in this world, and they annoy me a lot but innocent cute faces welcome me whenever I’m back home. Your Rumpy and gangs are always waiting for you! love, angel kevin, mom and kitties 🙂

  4. BJ loves you, Jen. Sorry that your new position is beginning on a sour note. Rumpy loves you and so do the rest of the clan.
    Feel free to vent and we will listen and support you. Feel free to have a drink.

  5. Since we don’t have a Rumpy around here I get to gaze into the eyes of a sweet cat named Riley. She brings me a tremendous amount of joy and especially those challenging days.. But Rumpy is top dog in my book…

  6. All we can do from so far away is send you love and loud purring for many much better days ahead. We love you! There’s really no words to say how much! There’s so much rumbling coming from eleven kitties…maybe you can hear it all the way across the country!

  7. Some times you simply have a bad day, filled with bad humans who do bad things. Those passive aggressive dim wits know nothing and more importantly they have no idea who they are, you however do 🙂 Smooch… and Rumpy too.

  8. Hi Rumpy
    My Mum had one of those days on Sunday. We were just chatting to another dog and his human in the park and a couple of nasty neighbours started yelling rubbish at my Mum. Where does this visciousness come from? Their four kids overheard them as did another mum and child. Luckily I told Mum to just leave it and we webt over and got a hug from the human mum and her little girl. They said “don’t worry we love KoKo!” Thanks for your message
    KoKo Potter

  9. When we’ve had a bad day, we know there will always be a warm welcome and a wagging tail when we get home. They never fail us Jen….. and sometimes I like my dogs more than people!

  10. You know what Jen..people can be very over rated.. and I find that all it does is show that they have a miserable sense of is easier to look up to someone than down on them…the view is inspiring and the lessons to be gained bountiful…looking down you just get a pain in the neck..which is what these people are..enjoy a dog smile a cat head butt and wish them well….they need it 🙂 hugs Fozziemum

  11. Keep positive, Jen. We love you. Take time for grounding, neutralizing your energy by playing with Rumpy and the cats or taking a cool shower or just flowing your “dark mood” to the ground….


      1. Even on the absolute worse days, my one salvation (since Rumpy isn’t here) is my Zoey the Chi & Sasha and her “brudders and sisters”. They are always insanely happy to have me back home (ok, I know I’m just their “slave”, but that’s ok, too). Their greeting makes everything all right in my world again!!!

  12. I’m so sorry to hear that you your day was a bad one, Jen. What a wonderful thing the love of an awesome dog like Rumpy is.

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