It’s Time for This Year’s Tacky Holiday Gifts Guide!

It’s that time of year again when we’re overwhelmed with the holiday “feel-good” ads, designed to get us to pull out the bank card and buy! buy! buy!

As I did last year, I’m going to profile a few animal-themed items that are being marketed to the public. And if you see something that’s tacky, horrid, or downright weird, send it on, and I may put it up on the blog as well.

The first item I want to profile this year is called the SpiritHood. It’s a gimmicky product that is little more than a hat/scarf/mittens one-piece combo, designed to make you look like an animal. Here’s the Siberian Husky SpiritHood from their website:

photo from

Now before you get all upset, these are NOT made of real fur. This is 100% acrylic.

SpiritHoods website says it donates 10% of net profits to the conservation of endangered animals. That means that after everyone has gotten paid, THEN 10% will go to conservation efforts. And who are these non-profits they support? None that are large enough to be rated by Charity Navigator.

So let’s get back to the hood itself.

Granted, it’s cute for young partygoers. But the ads are of young women in sensual poses, some naked but for the hood. This despite the website’s claim that these are equally as hip for men as for women. It always bothers me that animals are combined with sex to sell stuff.

There are some knock-0ffs out there, but to have “the real deal,” you’re gonna fork out $119 bucks American.

This knock-off from sells for under $20

So, does buying a SpiritHood harm animals? No. Does buying this help animals? The jury is out on that one.

But….. really? You want that? 

25 thoughts on “It’s Time for This Year’s Tacky Holiday Gifts Guide!

  1. I’m too old for parties, but I noticed that faux fur looks really great, so there is no reason to kill animals just for the fur, acrylic is as fashionable as real fur and it’s much better to clean :o)

  2. Yeah, I’m sure the 10% donation really helps animals enough to make up for the damage caused by the factories creating chemical fibers (acrylic) and the environmental costs of shipping junk across the country by trucks.

    It’s not fun being cynical.

  3. I think they are Adorable!! Remember everyone has different tastes, I think they are fun and cute. And at least they are donating some of the money, most companies don’t donate anything. I think they are a great idea.

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