Tacky Gift Ideas: Music for Dogs

So last week I told you about TV for dogs. But if dogs don’t watch TV, then music must be a major component, right? So maybe we can just skip the TV channel and buy a CD to play while we’re gone to work.

Do they make music for dogs?

Of COURSE they do!

While there are many musical choices out there, I’ll only profile a few that caught my interest.

The first is Canine Lullabies. Terry Woodford is the mastermind behind this outfit. I like him because he started out as a music producer in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Terry developed Heartbeat Lullabies to soothe children and infants who were sick. He later learned the same concept works with dogs. Watch the video of the dogs in shelter listening to the music.



Terry’s music is slow and repetitive. I don’t know if it relaxes dogs, but it certainly relaxed me.

Through a Dog’s Ear has a whole host of selections for dogs and cats, from music for puppies, to old dogs, to dogs in cars. Each volume has classical selections played on piano that are supposed to calm your dog or cat.



And then there was RelaxMyDog.com, which combines sounds from nature, music, and…. whistles? The web site calls it Sound Sweep Technology.



So, what do I think?

I actually found the Canine Lullabies relaxing. I might be willing to fork out the money for that CD.

As for the other two, I’d rather leave the radio tuned to my local NPR classical station, and make a donation with the money I saved.

13 thoughts on “Tacky Gift Ideas: Music for Dogs

  1. Always get me to see pup in shelters…urghhhhh…those faces…but on the music front..i have always had music in the background since the boys were pups..even if I go out…it is a voice a familiarity they relate too..it means I am here or coming back soon…even outside there is a radio on when we are out there..and they expect it..it’s turned off before bed or when we all come in..so they know if they are outside and the radio is on ..we are not far away..:)

      1. I agree..the radio with music and talking even the tv does a great job. People look for opportunities to cash in on the pet market..in the most bizarre ways.

  2. RC Cat loves “her song” a version of “Getting to know you”…even purrs along sometimes But she puts her (thumbless) paw down for anything else.
    Molly want to know if there are tunes to chew toys by? (so no one will realize she’s nibbling the windowsill again…Don’t give me that “What?” look when I can see mouth tightly “holding” that….)

  3. actually i find that by playing a CD at bedtime seems to calm the cats, doesn’t seem to matter what music i choose. without it, the oldest cat starts meowing at me (loudly), or decides to pick a fight with one of the other cats.

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