Dear Santa: Please Send Kyjen Toys!

Dear Santa:

Christmas is coming, and I can hardly wait!

Could you please send me some Kyjen toys this year?

Posing with Kyjen toys is so hard. I got mad when Jen wouldn’t let me play right away, so I pouted.

I LOVE Kyjen toys! They make toys that are fun, but also require some thought.

Hide-a-Squirrel! My favorite!
Hide-a-Squirrel! My favorite!

The Hide-a-Squirrel is my favorite! I have to look, but I always find that squeaky squirrel. Of course, I also like to destroy him once I find him. But, have no fear, because Kyjen sells replacement squirrels! YAY!

I'll get you, you pesky squirrel!
I’ll get you, you pesky squirrel!

I also have one of the Invicibles– he’s a gecko!

There’s two sizes, so you can get one that’s right for your dog!

Invinvibles are cool because they keep squeaking, even after they’re punctured! I mean, what dog wants a squeaky toy that doesn’t squeak, right?

I have been a very good dog this year…… well, mostly.

Uh oh! Another one bites the dust!
Uh oh! Another one bites the dust!

So Santa, PULEEZE come through for me!

Your pal,


33 thoughts on “Dear Santa: Please Send Kyjen Toys!

  1. I asked my human to ask Santa for one. Unfortunately, he refused since when I “rearrange” a toy I have a tendency to swallow parts of it. But … wow …… IT SURE LOOKS LIKE FUN!

  2. Hee hee hee…poor squirrels….but it’s good to be able to get replacement squirrels! I hope Mr Santa comes to your house this year too, Rumpy!

  3. Replacement squirrels. My kind of toy! (Staff wishes they’d leave out the squeaker so they don’t have to watch like a hawk and remove the plastic when it gets dangerous…have been known to sneak those out and restitch before handing it over…)
    Thanks, Rumpy. (And you are such a polite doggy model to stay there by the toys quietly…)

  4. That little chipmunks in a tree toy graces our household and the same one has lasted through more than one dog life. Many fellow dog owners I know have it and their dogs love it!

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