Gift-Giving on the Cheap…. and a Giveaway!

Let’s face it, advertisers have us all convinced that we show how much we love our family and friends by how much we spend on them. Heck, they’ve even convinced us we show the same love to our companion animals!

PetSmart's Sunbeam Holiday Dog Treat Maker, because you dog wants to bake cookies while you're gone all day. (Photo:
PetSmart’s Sunbeam Holiday Dog Treat Maker, because your dog wants to bake cookies while you’re gone all day. (Photo:

But, the truth is, our companion animals could care less about much of the stuff we buy them. Really? Your dog can’t live without that new dress? Your cat is dying for that 1 millionth play mouse, because the other 999,999 she has are under the refrigerator out of her reach?

Enough of the guilt over pet gifts! Sure, you want your dog or cat to have a gift from you, but you can put on your DIY cap and give them gifts they are sure to love just as much, OK, probably a lot more, than that thing you were going to buy them at the big box retailer.

t-shirt toy


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I know I’m going to be making those treats. So easy and I’m sure they’ll be devoured!

But if you still MUST spend money, how about making a donation in your loved one’s name? Perhaps to a local shelter in your hometown? And there are international agencies that do worlds of good all across the country and around the world that can put your money to good use (like the ASPCA *hint hint*).


Oh, wait! I said there was a giveaway! Well of COURSE there is!

Wanna win this?
Wanna win this? I wish I could!

To be entered, send me a holiday greeting either on Facebook ( Rumpy T. Drummond) or Twitter (@Rumpydog). Be sure to add #ASPCA to your greeting!

I’ll pick a winner at random on December 15th  from all the greetings I receive, then let you know if you’re the winner. Greetings must be sent by midnight December 14th (that’s midnight central standard time). I’ll send you a private message if you’re the winner, so be sure to Like or Follow me to get that message!

Contest open to residents of the US only.


You can also win great prizes when you join in on the ASPCA’s #SantaPaws Holiday Twitter party and giveaway extravaganza, which will be on Thursday, December 18th from 7-8pm EST. Tweet ya there!

35 thoughts on “Gift-Giving on the Cheap…. and a Giveaway!

  1. Reblogged this on cgw629 and commented:
    A Blogger that cares not only about our animals, but out finances. She also understands what our pets really need, and not what we think we or they need. I love Jen and Rumpy of Rumpydog. Please follow.

  2. That’s what I think too. The toys are ready for the trash can within some minutes. I always swear, to change my mind next christmas… but there is always my weaker self what leads me to the next toy :o(

  3. I will be making something besides Christmas Cookies tonight. I will be making homemade Cat Treats for the Feline Terrible but yet Terrific Trio. Thank you from me, Candy, and them: Raleigh, Triss and Rikki-Tiki-Tavi.

  4. Totally agree..sponsoring as a family a pen at a shelter for a year is also great..if all your kids are adults and have everything they need like my 4 adult kids…as a family it is very economical to do..even maybe visit the vets and ask if you can leave some treats for those clients who may be struggling with big bills..i make the boys cookies all the time…and they lie on the kitchen floor waiting..more fun than opening a packet 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xx

  5. Jack has possession issues, behavior problems and fear-aggression. We have to be very careful giving him toys, because if we give him one that he chews up, and it becomes dangerous – foam stuffing, punctured squeaker, etc. – he gets aggressive when we go to take it away. Family members give him toys without checking with us first. I don’t want to keep him away from all toys, I just want it understood that they’re a privilege, not a right.

    He’s getting better, and my wife and I have worked very hard with Jack. I’m beginning to see a great dog, struggling to get out from inside a very troubled and abused shelter puppy. It’s taken years, however. And the dog-toy industry certainly hasn’t helped us any.

  6. Love the suggestions. My cats don’t play with anything that I paid money for. I have some failed toys (that are guaranteed to be liked by any cat) to prove it. I’m thinking that tent may be fun for them.

  7. Great ideas. The commercialization of Christmas has gotten so far out of control as to be obnoxious. You’re so right about these pet gifts – Daisy’s favorite toy is an old knotted sock. She absolutely loves them!

  8. I don’t do FB or twitter but I do want to send you and Jen and everyone else a greeting for a Christmas filled with lots of love and joy! And thank you for the DIYs. I think my SamCat will like that Tshirt Tent

  9. Another toy- put a plastic bottle from water in a pillow case that fits the size of the bottle and gather the opening up with a running stitch. it is basically two pieces of material stitched together on three sides like a pillow case. When the bottle is destroyed, just replace it with another bottle and throw the old one in the recycling. My dogs love these.

  10. Those are some great ideas. We got one gift for our cats but we wanted to get it anyway and decided to save it for Christmas. Personally, I think the left over gift wrap and boxes are better than any toy.

  11. Oh no! What a shame that the contest open residents of the US only… *I’m joking! *
    Good lucks to everyone who apply to the contest!!! 🙂

  12. Thank you for helping me stretch the budget with gifts for the petlovers in our family. I’m sure the pets will be excited about receiving treats. The kids have been looking for something to give to the shelter pets and the dog toys and cat tents fits the bill.

  13. Rumpy! HissyFit Jones! #ASPCA — I love the idea of a give-away. I really suck at arts and crafts, so I have to get my stuff ready-made. I like to make homemade treats, however. That’s just cooking and doesn’t involve scissors. Keep up the good work and have a great holiday season. Happy Solstice!

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